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Adele Silver is a character on Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Erica Yohn.


Adele is the grandmother of David Silver and mother to Mel Silver, who lives in Palm Springs with her husband, Henry Silver. During his Freshman Year, David and his friends visit the couple and while all of David's friends enjoy the Silvers, David is embarrassed that they are hanging around. Henry and Adele had their feelings hurt when David told them. He realised what he had done and apologised, and they forgave him. 6 years later, Henry dies and leaves David a large amount of money. Adele tries to advise David on how to handle the money.


Henry Silver

Adele and Henry are very happy together and deeply in love still into their golden years. They are very active and travel a lot and seem always up for new experiences and adventures, such as when they spontaneously invite the neighbourhood teens to a pool party at their home for their grandson, not minding at all but actually joining in the fun.


  • Yohn's first name is Adella, later changed to Adele. It's possible the character was named after her


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