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Season 1[]

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Season 3[]

Summer Of 90210 / 90210. Senior Year

It's the summer before their senior year. The one they'll never forget.
It's her family or her boyfriend. Tonight, she has to choose.
While Brenda discovers Paris... Will Kelly and Dylan discover each other?
There's a time when everything you care about has to change. It all begins tonight.
What happens when best friends stop acting like it?
Brenda. Dylan. Kelly. Tonight, their summer secrets come out.
Seeing other people is one thing. Watching each other do it something else. Tonight, the sparks fly.
Tonight, everyone's getting together for the holidays.
Just when Dylan's life is coming together... tragedy will blow it apart.
Tragedy pushes Dylan over the edge. Tonight, he'll find out who his real friends are.
Big bets. Big losses. Big trouble. Brandon's gambling is out of control. Tonight, it's payback time.
It's a great tradition of a high school life. First, they cut school. Then, they cut loose. Jason Priestley's directorial debut. Guest Star: Burt Reynolds.
You never know who Prom Night will bring together. It's the most romantic night of the year.
Brandon organizes a senior class walkout when Donna gets kicked out of school. If they can't all graduate... none of them will.
Graduation. A day they'll always remember. An event you'll never forget. 2 hour season finale.

Season 4[]

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