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Alison Lash is a character in Season 5 of Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Sara Melson.


Alison is a sweet and chill girl who befriends Kelly after they are both trapped in a fire. She develops feelings for Kelly following the incident.


Alison attends a rave with her girlfriend, Dana, thrown by Steve Sanders and Griffin Stone and accidentally marketed to the queer community after David Silver and Clare Arnold posted the invitation in the wrong online forum, that being the women seeking women forum. At the party, Alison and Dana quibble a bit as Alison asks Clare to dance and Dana is jealous. Later on, she and Kelly go look for a second bathroom at the party, which is situated in a soundproof screening theatre.

As a result, they can't hear the kerfuffle when the fire breaks out and are trapped in the bathroom. Both were burned, but Alison was burned badly and spent a significant amount of time going through rehabilitation and had multiple skin grafts. A few weeks after the incident, Alison breaks up with Dana as she has fallen in love with Kelly. After accepting that Kelly wasn't into women, Kelly and Alison went their separate ways.


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