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All That Jazz is the 28th episode of Season 7 of Beverly Hills, 90210.


David takes Donna on a one-night business trip to New Orleans, with unfortunate consequences; relations become strained between Steve's mother and Clare's father; Brandon nurses the flu-stricken Kelly and Valerie, who relive how they became enemies.


DEREK DRISCOLL, an investment counselor from Bill Taylor’s firm, responds to Valerie's message for Kelly’s father. Hoping to have met personally with Kelly’s father she says she is interested in high-risk investments and looks forward to meeting Mr. Taylor soon and uses her acquaintance with Kelly to get impress Derek. David convinces Donna to join him to hear a musician perform at The Jazz Festival in New Orleans. Although she has a class presentation the next day he reassures her that the trip will take less than 24 hours. David thinks that they will finally have the opportunity to consummate their relationship but Donna still wants to wait. They oversleep and Donna misses giving her presentation. PROFESSOR LANGLEY is unforgiving and says that maybe she will pass the class if she does extremely well on her final exam.

Samantha Sanders comes to town to attend a tribute to her television show, Hartley House. She obviously avoids Chancellor Arnold throughout the evening. He is visibly hurt and they break up when Samantha accuses him of not being able to handle the world of show business. Steve and Clare have a hard time not intervening in their parents’ situation. Kelly and Valerie both come down with a bad flu bug and Brandon takes care of them at the Walsh house. When the girls are left alone during the evening they discuss their reasons for hating each other that date back to when Kelly interrupted Valerie and Brandon in an embrace. Valerie blames Kelly for costing her the love of her life and Kelly counters that she told Brandon to be happy and date whomever he pleases.

Valerie admits that Brandon and she never slept together and she knows he has always thought of her only as a sister. After the girls recover and supposedly have made peace, Valerie tells Brandon that Kelly was accepted to Columbia Graduate School and is soon leaving for New York. Kelly is shocked and angry when Brandon confronts her and she reassures Brandon that she was accepted but has not decided to go. She asks him what more proof is needed to show that Valerie is still trying to break them apart. Valerie only learned of this information because she read Kelly’s diary. Brandon begs Kelly not to make him choose between “family” and “lover.”


Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh
Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders
Brian Austin Green as David Silver
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin
Tiffani Thiessen as Valerie Malone
Joe E. Tata as Nat Bussichio
Kathleen Robertson as Clare Arnold
Special Guest Star
Olivia Brown as Professor Langley
Recurring cast
Nicholas Pryor as Chancelor Arnold
Guest starring
Christine Belford as Samantha Sanders
Corin Nemec as Derrick Driscoll
Julie Nathanson as Ellen Fogerty
Michael D. Roberts as Marton Burnes
Gregory White as Host


I may hate you, but my word is still my word
—Kelly tells Val what really happened
BrandonI knew confession was good for the soul, I didn't know it was good for the flu
ValMe neither
―That's where disease comes from
Kel. Come on she's like family to me. Don't make me do this
—Brandon pleads


  • Valerie's reaction to Kelly's words infers that the sexual abuse by her father has confused her feelings between family and romantic love
  • Steve feels hurt that Clare still doesn't consider him as someone she can count on in her life, when she says her Dad's "all she's got"
  • Clare blames Steve for his mother's behaviour and doesn't care if his parents neglected him
  • David makes Donna wanting to wait to have sex all about him
  • Bill Taylor's in Kuala Lumpur