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Amanda Peyser is a character in Season 1 of Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Michele Abrams.


Amanda is a junior at West Beverly. She's kind of snobbish and feels like she's too cool to hang out with Kelly's underclassmen friends.


Kelly invites Amanda to 'a night of female bonding' at Brenda's house, which turns into a a slumber party, though no one will admit that's what it is. She shows up with a sour attitude and is embarrassed to be there. She tries to convince Kelly to accompany her to a frat party at U.S.C., though Kelly declines and causes Amanda to stay.

Amanda thinks highly of herself, stating that she always orders the most expensive food on dates, but doesn't eat it to show them that she's worth it. She repeatedly tries to get Kelly to leave and participates in a seance with Brenda, Kelly, Andrea Zuckerman, and Donna Martin. She openly mocks everyone there.

She then suggests that they play "Skeletons in the Closet", a game in which they ask each other personal questions. She forces Kelly to tell about her sexual encounter with Ross Webber, which was humiliating and brings her to tears.

She also belittles Andrea's fear of the oujia board and the way she pronounces her name, followed by exposing her as a virgin and her crush on Brandon Walsh.

After calling Donna boring because she doesn't have any dark secrets, Brenda sticks up for Donna and begins a heated conversation with her.

When she storms out when it's her turn for the questioning, she forgets her purse and the contents spill out onto the floor, revealing her having tons of diet pills. It is revealed that she used to be fat and has been taking pills to keep the weight off, but Kelly mentions that it's murdering her personality. She finally softens on the girls at the end and asks for food.