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Anna Blakemore is a recurring character on BH90210, portrayed by Natalie Sharp.


Anna works as a writer on the Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot. She's confident, assertive and doesn't take any bull. She initially clashes with a floundering Ian's sexist behavior towards her. After Jack Carlisle is fired, Anna's promoted to show-runner.


When Ian shows up on set visibly hungover, he mistakes Anna, one of the female writers on the reboot, for an employee who works at craft services. He tries to save face by commenting on how beautiful her eyes are. But she dismisses the unsolicited compliments. Afterwards, she reprimands him on the way he’s commenting on her physical appearance and leaves after grabbing a coffee cup for herself. [1]

She is next seen approving wardrobe choices that Steve Sanders will be wearing on the reboot. As she’s arguing with Ian, she tells him that she’s seen every episode of the original twice. So she knows all about Samantha Sanders and her long standing role on The Hartley House. She reveals that she had actual intended for Steve to follow in her footsteps, and go onto become an Oscar-winning movie star. At the re-write session, she walks out after the cast say they can write a better script themselves. She gets stopped by Ian from actually, and instead sits in his car working on the second version of the pilot. At the next table read with Shannen now present and a better script, the 2.0 version is received much better.[2]

A news report is heard playing and talking about about how there's some high drama on the set of 90210. The news reporter discussing how the original writer was fired from the show, and was replaced by Anna. Who apparently has zero credits to her name. In addition, the reporter is heard talking about how there are rumors she may be cozying up with newly single Ian Ziering. Eventually she is seen coming out of Ian’s trailer who gives her yet another pep talk. Which makes her tell him that he is starting to sound like a life coach. She suggests that they should Netflix and Chill sometime. He says “totally” but has a confused face, which implies that he doesn’t know what it actually means. When she goes to vent about her frustrations regarding Jason with Ian, She admits that she weirdly likes hanging out with him. Then the two begin to make out. In order to go any further, she asks Ian if he will sign a consent form. [3]


  • In a conversation with Ian, she lets it slip that the rebooted version of Beverly Hills, 90210 will have 13 episodes when she tells him that now she just has to write 12 more.[2]


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