Anna Jacobs, played by Lisa Akey, was a recurring character introduced in Models Inc., the third series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Anna was the step-sister of Julie Dante. She and Julie lived together for four years after Julie's father married Anna's mother. After Julie's father died, however, both Anna and her mother left Julie on her own at fifteen years old, which caused them all to be estranged.

During the series, Anna showed up and claimed to want to make amends for the time they spent apart, but Julie was too angry and not trusting of her. Anna didn't give her much reason to change her stance, as she made a pass at Craig Bodi while they were in the hot tub one night.

She also caused problems between Brian Peterson and Cynthia Nichols after she joined the Models Inc. Agency. In the end, she was unable to come between any of the couples. She was last seen falling down the stairs after a fight with Julie and Cynthia, which culminated in her hurting her ankle.

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