Ariel Hunter is a guest character on Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Kari Wuhrer.

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Ariel is a seemingly kind and energetic music representative, interested in pairing David with some musisians in need of a keyboardist. Eventually, although she is by no means subtle about her interest, she begins an affair with David, knowing he was with Donna.

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Ariel meets David Silver in 1994, at a record company where Donna Martin is booking Babyface to play at the California University Mardi Gras carnival. Ariel works as a junior rep for the company and invites David to play with a band she is putting together. After the band approves of David, Ariel books them through Donna for the carnival as well. Shortly thereafter, Ariel and David start an affair, which leads to the first breakup of David and Donna when Donna catches them having sex in a limousine at the carnival. Ariel and David stay together for the summer while touring with Babyface, but Ariel dumps David, in addition to giving him crabs.

Ariel returns to scout Ray Pruit for Firestorm Music. She flirts with Ray, just as she had with David before, which has Donna self-conscious. Despite her advances, Ray rejects her and refuses the deal when Ariel tries to get him to give up his publishing. Ariel later apologises to Donna for what happened with David and warns Donna to watch out for Ray's ego.

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