Auggie Kirkpatrick is a main character on Melrose Place 2.0. He is portrayed by Colin Egglesfield.

Series arcEdit

Auggie Kirkpatrick was a recovering alcoholic and a tenant at 4616 Melrose Place. He had a romantic past with Sydney Andrews, cited by David Breck as the only one who can deal with her when she's in a bad state. He met her at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting four years previously at a church on St. Patrick's Day. She was instrumental in him becoming a chef at a restaurant called Coal.

He confessed to Sydney that he had a girlfriend, Dineen, who died because he got into a fight at a bar. She ended up getting stabbed by the other man when she got in between them. Auggie killed the man on the same night, but it was ruled self-defense.

When Detective Rodriguez questioned him, he lied about his relationship with Sydney, which was sexual, and about the previous incident with his old girlfriend. He also lied about seeing her that night and was seen burning a bloody shirt, though it was his own blood from being stabbed by Sydney.

Auggie was also shown to have romantic feelings for Riley Richmond, despite her engagement to Jonah Miller. At times, the feelings looked to be reciprocated, especially when Riley had a few drinks and kissed him. Auggie lost his job at Coal when he brutally assaulted Marcello after he made lewd remarks about her. However, Riley had just told him that she couldn't hang out with him anymore.

Later, the police found the murder weapon that killed Sydney, buried at a construction site by David, with Auggie's blood all over it. They later aided his apartment. Auggie went into hiding following his incident with Marcello, unaware that the police were after him. He exchanged messages with Riley online, lamenting about ruining his life.

He was arrested after Riley revealed his whereabouts, but David promised to clear his name and posted his bail for him. However, upon his return, everyone in the building, except for David and Violet, began shunning him. David found a necklace Sydney was wearing in the night of her murder inside Michael Mancini's car.

Along with Violet, Auggie was written out of the series after the thirteenth episode. He was last seen riding off into the sunset on his motorcycle with Violet on his back.