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Austin Sanders is a recurring character on Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Travis Wester.


Austin is the brother of Steve Sanders, one of two of the "flying monkey children" Steve refers to, the other being their brother Ryan Sanders. Austin appeared to be the more goofy and immature of the two flying monkeys.


Austin and Ryan first came to stay with Steve on New Year's Eve in 1995, immediately causing trouble by toilet papering the house and sneaking into the Peach Pit After Dark. However, Steve found them at the club and had them thrown out. They then put shaving cream all over Steve's car.

Steve was determined to tell their father, Rush Sanders how horrible the duo behaved under his care, but when he realized Rush treated them as bad as he did himself, he lied and told Rush they were well-behaved.

Austin later messed up a chance for his brother Ryan to date a girl he really liked when he talked him into spying on her while she was changing. She caught them and told them to leave her alone. Steve then lectured the "flying monkey boys" and told them to respect women.

Austin later came to Steve's college graduation, where he scoured the after-party for women, trying to hit on Joy Taylor despite her being obviously interested in Ryan. This was his last appearance in the series.


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