Avery, played by Nick Richert, was a character introduced in Models Inc., the third series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Avery was a patron of Stage 99, where he was approached by Eric Dearborn to give his music a chance. Instead of listening to the music out of good faith, he proposed a little "alone time" with Eric's girlfriend, Linda Holden. Eric agreed, but he was rejected by Linda when he made advances towards her.

He later showed at her house, trying to make another attempt to get with her, but revealed Eric's intentions to Linda.

A few weeks later, Avery spotted Linda out with Chris White. He called Eric and told him, wondering if they had broken up and he could take his shot with her. This caused Eric to physically hurt Linda.

Avery was later seen at Stage 99 trying to score with a drunken Sarah Owens, but she almost threw up on him and he was grossed out.

Later, Avery was found to be dealing drugs within Stage 99, which lead to one guy overdosing the club. This angered Adam Louder, the owner, and he and Ben Singer confronted Avery in the parking lot. Avery pulled a gun on them, shooting at Adam, but Ben grabbed Avery an the gun, which went off and killed Avery. In reality, however, Ben was Avery's boss and the man behind the drugs.

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