Ben Singer, played by Lonnie Schuyler, was a recurring character introduced in Models Inc., the third series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Ben was the right hand man of Adam Louder. He was second-in-command at Stage 99 and in other businesses involving Louder. However, Ben wanted to be in charge of all of it.

He began running drugs through Avery at the club, which eventually resulted in a death by overdose. When Avery was cornered by Adam, Ben wrestled with Avery, who had pulled a gun on Adam. The gun went off and Avery was killed. It was not really clear on whether Ben was saving Adam or protecting himself to keep Avery from talking.

He later began scheming with Grayson Louder to help her get back into Adam's life so that he could get control of the club. He eventually had an affair with her. However, when Adam found out he was working against him, the two engaged in a fight with Ben being thrown out of Adam's life.

Ben later returned after Grayson appointed him with keeping Sarah Owens under control and in the business, because she had been developing a problem with an inflated ego, as well as alcohol. Instead, Ben got her hooked on drugs and even further into alcohol.

He also began doing Grayson's bidding by threatening Carrie Spencer after she was going to turn Grayson into the police for her prostitution ring, as well as trying to drug Adam on the night of his wedding so Grayson could have sex with him. After Tom Owens came to town and found out what Ben was doing to Sarah, he punched him out before the wedding of Adam and Monique. This was his last scene of the show.

Lonnie Schuyler also played Alan Ross on Melrose Place.

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