Beverly Hills, 90210 is an American prime time television drama, which aired on the FOX television network from October 1990 to May 2000.


Beverly Hills, 90210 focuses on the assimilation of a solid, value-oriented Midwestern family into an accelerated Beverly Hills lifestyle. The show explores the realities and myths of social classes in Beverly Hills while at the same time exposing the strains this lifestyle can put on family relationships.[1]

Beverly Hills, 90210 began with the introduction of the Walsh family—parents Jim and Cindy (played by James Eckhouse and Carol Potter), and their teenage twins Brandon (Jason Priestley) and Brenda (Shannen Doherty). As a result of Jim’s job reassignment, the family moved from Minnesota to Beverly Hills, California. The story initially presented Brandon as a flawed boy scout, Brenda as a good-hearted rebel, Kelly as a good-natured snob, Steve as a laid-back thrill-seeker, Andrea as a strait-laced smart girl, Dylan as a sensitive loner, David as a geeky musician, and Donna as a quirky, socially awkward girl.

Several of these characters were developed over time, revealing subsequent layers as they matured. In addition, many new characters were introduced during the course of the series' run, and several guest stars appeared in recurring roles. Throughout the show's high school and college years, stories largely centered around the love lives, academic matters, career aspirations, and parental issues of the younger cast. Among the topics covered were adoption, estrangement, safe sex, substance abuse, romantic affairs, love triangles, race-related school incidents, and budding romances between longtime friends. As the show grew in popularity, several successful musicians of the '90s contributed to Beverly Hills, 90210: The Soundtrack. Additionally, their accompanying music videos aired during the end credits of various episodes. Among these artists were Shanice, Jeremy Jordan, and Vanessa Williams & Brian McKnight. In addition, the music video for "Hold On" by Jamie Walters, who starred in the series as Ray Pruit, was also featured. The final episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 aired on May 17, 2000. The series outlived its first two spin-offs, Melrose Place and Models Inc., and would spawn additional spin-offs—90210 and a new Melrose Place—in 2008 and 2009.


Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh (1-9, guest 10)
Shannen Doherty as Brenda Walsh (1-4)
Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders
Gabrielle Carteris as Andrea Zuckerman (1-5, guest 6, 8 and 10)
Luke Perry as Dylan McKay (1-6, 9-10)
Brian Austin Green as David Silver
Douglas Emerson as Scott Scanlon (1, recurring 2)
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin
Carol Potter as Cindy Walsh (1-5, guest 6 and 8)
James Eckhouse as Jim Walsh (1-5, guest 7 and 8)

Later regulars

Joe E. Tata as Nat Bussichio (recurring 1-5, regular 6-10)
Mark Damon Espinoza as Jesse Vasquez (recurring 4, regular 5)
Kathleen Robertson as Clare Arnold (recurring 4-5, regular 6-7)
Tiffani Thiessen as Valerie Malone (5-9, guest 10)
Jamie Walters as Ray Pruit (recurring 5, regular 6, guest 7)
Hilary Swank as Carly Reynolds (8)
Vincent Young as Noah Hunter (8-10)
Lindsay Price as Janet Sosna (recurring 8, regular 9-10)
Vanessa Marcil as Gina Kincaid (9-10)
Daniel Cosgrove as Matt Durning (9-10)

Recurring cast

Christine Elise as Emily Valentine (2) Special Guest (4)
Dana Barron as Nikki Witt (3)
Dina Meyer as Lucinda Nicholson (4)
Emma Caulfield as Susan Keats (6)
Jason Wiles as Colin Robbins (6)
Cameron Bancroft as Joe Bradley (6)
Jill Novick as Tracy Gaylian (7)
Angel Boris as Emma Bennett (8)
Laura Leighton as Sophie Burns (9)


Summer seasons


The Summer Seasons are story arcs which aired throughout the summers of 1991 and 1992 (July and August specifically) in the United States.

These story arcs presented all-new episodes which followed the teenage characters during their summer vacations from high school. In the DVD releases, they are packaged as parts of Seasons 2 and 3 respectively. The concept was highly unique, as television shows typically do not present new episodes during the period between their annual finales and premieres. In more recent times, certain shows have begun offering new interval material in other forms, including shorts on the Internet, and television movies.


Beach Blanket BrandonThe Party FishSummer StormAnacondaPlay It Again, DavidPass, Not PassCamping Trip


Misery Loves CompanyThe Twins, The Trustee And The Very Big TripToo Little, Too Late/Paris 75001Sex, Lies and Volleyball/Photo FiniShooting Star/American in ParisCastles In The Sand


Season 4 did not include summer episodes as the property used for the Beverly Hills Beach Club was not available


The show's now-iconic theme music was not always present in the first airings; some viewers remember an entirely different, somewhat calmer tune that was also heard during the end credits. Furthermore, this tune was accompanied by opening and ending scenes of postal deliveries (depicting the change of address for the Walsh family) that were eventually excluded from the Season 1 montage.

2003 Reunion Special


Ziering, Doherty, Priestley, Perry, Garth and Carteris

The original cast, including James Eckhouse, Carol Potter and Joe E. Tata, reunited for a 2003 special to discuss the impact which the shows success has had on their lives and careers.


Main article: BH90210

In December 2018, executive producers of the 'mockumentary-style' reboot began shopping it around to networks. It was picked up by FOX and announced at the end of February 2019. The series will air in Summer 2019.


Melrose Place (1992)
Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor), Tori Spelling (Donna Martin), Brian Austin Green (David Silver) and Ian Ziering (Steve Sanders) reprised their roles. Grant Show (from Beverly Hills, 90210 season 2 final episodes) played Jake Hanson, who became one of the main characters on Melrose Place.
Models Inc.
90210 (2008)
Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor), Tori Spelling (Donna Martin), Shannen Doherty (Brenda Walsh), Joe E. Tata (Nat Bussichio) and Ann Gillespie (Jackie Taylor) reprised versions of their roles from the original Beverly Hills, 90210. Erin Silver (played by Jessica Stroup) became one of the main characters of the show, and Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez (played by Hallee Hirsh) appeares in one scene of the 90210 pilot episode.
Jason Priestley directed season 1 episode Off The Rails.
The show used the remixed version of original show theme for season 1. Another version of the tune was used in season 2 through season 5. Second version was released on official album 90210: The Soundtrack.
Plotlines of original Beverly Hills, 90210 characters were used for a 2008 reboot 90210. Events of BH90210 ignore the existance of reboot.

Brenda Walsh

Brenda came back to Beverly Hills from London. She became a famous actress and was asked to direct a musical Spring Awakening at West Beverly High School. She helps school student Adrianna Tate-Duncan to deal with her drug problems. Meanwhile, Brenda herself tries to reconnect with Kelly, though their past about Dylan disturbs their feelings. As Brenda slept with young English teacher Ryan Matthews it became a problem — Kelly had feelings for him. Also viewrs found out, that Brenda can't have children. She goes to China to adopt a little girl.

Kelly Taylor

  • Actress: Jennie Garth
  • Appearence: seasons 1 and 2
  • Number of episodes: 20

Kelly works as a guidance counselor at West Beverly High School. She attained a master's degree. She has a son Sammy with Dylan. Kelly takes care of her half-sister Erin, who lives with her because of Jackie's drinking problems. When Brenda comes to California their relationship was strained as Brenda had an affair with young teacher Ryan Matthews, who was attracted by Kelly. Kelly spends a lot of time with new principal Harry Wilson, much to the chagrin of his wife Debbie.

Jennie Garth refused to participate in a proposed story line involving an affair between Kelly and Harry Wilson. Garth left the show after season 2 as a new show-runner Rebecca Sinclair decided to distance reboot from the original Beverly Hills, 90210. Kelly's storyline was not written out properly, but the character was mentioned several times later, indicating that Kelly was still around looking after Erin, just not on screen.

Donna Martin

  • Actress: Tori Spelling
  • Appearence: season 1
  • Number of episodes: 2

Donna became a very popular fashion designer in Japan. She lives there with David and their baby daughter Ruby. Donna comes to Beverly Hills to visit Kelly. They spend some time together and Donna tells, that her and David had problems in their marriage shortly after the birth of Ruby. Now she wants to open a clothes store in Los Angeles. But it turns out, that David wants to reconcile with her and asked Donna to return home.

Tori Spelling was originally signed on reprise her role for the pilot. Actress dropped out for several reasons, including conflicts over reaching a salary agreement and recently giving birth to her daughter.

Jackie Taylor

  • Actress: Ann Gillespie
  • Appearence: seasons 1 and 2
  • Number of episodes: 6

Jackie still has drinking problems. She is not in good relationships with her daughters — Kelly and Erin. So Kelly has to take care of her younger sister. In season 2 it turns out that Jackie is dying of breast cancer. Eventually she reconnected with her daughters.

Erin Silver

  • Actress: Jessica Storup
  • Appearence: seasons 1-5
  • Number of episodes: 114

Erin Silver is Kelly and David's half sister and one of the main characters on 90210. Originally character's name was Daphne Silver, she was supposed to be a distant cousin of Kelly and David. But creators of the reboot wanted to have more ties to the original show, so they changed Daphne's name to Erin and involved Kelly Taylor to her storylines.

Nat Bussichio

  • Actor: Joe E. Tata
  • Appearence: season 1
  • Number of episodes: 3

Nat is still the owner of Peach Pit. He hired Dixon Wilson as waiter. He once tells Dixon, that he reminds him a young man, who worked here long ago — speaking of Brandon Walsh, of course.

Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez

  • Actress: Hallee Hirsh
  • Appearence: season 1
  • Number of episodes: 1

Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez is a daugther of Andrea Zuckerman and Jesse Vasquez. She appears in one scene as West Beverly Hills High School student and the Blaze News anchor. English teacher Ryan Matthews is joking about her — «What is she, like, 30?». It is a referance to the fact, that Gabrielle Carteris, who played Andrea Zuckerman, was nearly 30 playing high school junior Andrea. Nothing more is known about her parents or character itself.

Brandon Walsh

Brenda tells Kelly, that Brandon is in Belize during season 1 first half. Brandon and Dylan are still on good terms, as he gave Dylan Kelly's e-mail to get in touch. Brenda also says that she is going to leave Beverly Hills to visit Brandon and his family.

Jason Priestley directed season 1 episode Off The Rails.

Dylan McKay

Turns out that Dylan and Kelly have son together, Sammy, but they are no longer together. Altough Dylan wants to be with his family, it means that Kelly and Sammy have to leave Beverly Hills. Dylan and Brenda are still on good terms, and it becames a problem to Kelly. Brenda sadly deletes his number from her cell phone after another confrontaion with Kelly. Upon her returning to Bevrly Hills, Kelly reveals that romantic reunion with Dylan didn't work out. She also noticed that Dylan looks exactly the same as he did in high school.

David Silver

David didn't appear on 90210. But he is mentioned many times in conversation between Donna and Kelly. He lives in Japan with Donna and their daughter Ruby. At the end of Donna' storyline in season 1 of 90210, Donna gets flowers with a card from him saying «Thinking of you». It is unknown what happens after she leaves.

Melrose Place 2.0 (2009)


  • The episodes that aired unopposed during Operation Desert Storm, as the three other networks suspended all but news programming, were One Man and a BabySlumber PartyEast Side Story • A Fling in Palm SpringsFame Is Where You Find It. Ratings were suspended during these episodes and the first episode following the return of ratings, Stand (Up) and Deliver, showed a huge increase which kept climbing subsequently, heralding the show's arrival as a commercial success.[2]
  • Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, Brian Austin Green and Tori Spelling are the only five cast members to appear in all 10 seasons of the series.
    • Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteris, Brian Austin Green and Tori Spelling are the only six cast members to appear in both the Pilot and the Series Finale.
    • Not one character appeared in all 293 episodes. The cast member who is closest to appearing in all 293 episodes is Tori Spelling, at 291/293. Ian Ziering and Jennie Garth are tied for second place at 290/293 episodes.


  • Former president of FOX, Barry Diller, came up with the title 'Beverly Hills, 90210'[3]


  • In a 2010 interview, Beverly Hills, 90210 writer/producer on Seasons 4–7, Larry Mollin, said of the set: "That’s what the guys do. That’s their free shot. Luke’s a wonderful man and Jason [Priestley, Brandon] is a wonderful man. But they are young guy actors on a show, which basically means they get to feel anybody up they want. And that’s just the way they are. I’ve got tons of outtakes of this stuff. That was just the fun of it. That’s just the way it was before sexual harassment became really a watch word in the industry. Young actresses just had to put up with that sh*t. I had seen that for years and years on shows. It was the way it went. Obviously if a girl didn’t like it, she could complain but most of them just put up with it and just expected it. The guys were just like that."[4]
    • Larry Mollin on the show post-Doherty:
All the kids hated the show by season 5, other than Tori. They all just hated it. Every day they would come in was just torture for them.[4]
  • The logo font is Newhouse DT SuperCondensed Bold
  • As 90210 was the first massive worldwide teen TV phenomenon, so in its wake followed the first inklings of what would become the cultlike behaviour of fanatics spending their time casting aspersions on fictional characters. The so-called I Hate Brenda Newsletter and a 'song' entitled Hating Brenda was published and MTV even deigned to interview people about why they hated the character of Brenda, as well as having the MTV host make derogatory comments about Doherty's musical aspirations in a segment.[5]





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From the Archives: The Times’ original review of ‘Beverly Hills, 90210': Cliches and stereotypes galore (LA TIMES • OCTOBER 1990)

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