The Beverly Hills Beach Club is a popular leisure resort on FOX teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210 where the gang hangs out during summer vacation.


In the continuity's first series, it was primarily featured during The Summer Seasons. It is notable for being the seasonal workplace of Brandon Walsh, the site in which David Silver gave a well-received musical performance, and the area in which Dylan McKay and Kelly Taylor had a brief affair, leading to a triangle with Dylan's girlfriend Brenda.


The beach club was reintroduced in the continuity's fourth series, 90210 where Adrianna took Silver and Naomi after thier time in summer school was over. Later it became the gang's normal hangout spot during the second and third season. After season three, the gang no longer hangs at the beach club. It makes its final appearance during Annie's hallucination.


  • The Beach Club was based in the, at the time, recently closed Sand & Sea Club[1].

Notes and references

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