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Bill Taylor is a recurring character on Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by John Reilly.


Bill is Kelly Taylor's father. He was a business man who left his wife at the time, Jackie Taylor, when Kelly was two years old. He was largely absent from Kelly's life often promising her to spend time with her, yet disappointing her almost every time.


In Season 6, he came to visit Kelly despite Jackie's reservations. He told Kelly he was ready to move back to Los Angeles because he was tired of being on the road all the time. Kelly took him to meet her boyfriend, Colin Robbins, who turned out to be high on cocaine. Bill had dinner with Kelly and Jackie, but when the time came to look at a house to purchase, Bill no-showed once again. As a result, Kelly went home and tried to ease her pain with cocaine, thus beginning her addiction.

As Kelly's college graduation approached, Bill came to town for a visit. Valerie Malone, who believed she was investing money with him, horned in on their dinner date under the guise of being Kelly's friend, causing Kelly to get upset and leave.

Bill stayed in town to try and make amends with Kelly, even bringing out Joy Taylor to the graduation, but he still got the ice cold treatment. Little known to Kelly, Bill was being arrested for embezzlement and was going to jail. He made a deal with the D.A. to spend one last free night at Kelly's graduation before being taken into custody.

Bill returned less than a year later, citing "time off for good behavior". he wanted a second chance to have a relationship with Kelly. He began a relationship with Abby Malone despite the objections of Kelly and Valerie Malone.

Bill and Abby planned to get married, but Bill backed out at the last second and he broke Abby's heart.


  • Bill and Jackie divorced in autumn 1978.[1]


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