Bobbi Kincaid is a recurring character in Season 9 of Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Karen Austin.

Character[edit | edit source]

Bobbi is the mother of Gina Kincaid and sister to Felice Martin. She was irresponsible with Gina's trust fund and spent in excess of $60,000 on many of her own wants and needs, while never hestitating to verbally or sometimes physically abuse her daughter for not performing perfectly in her ice-skating competitions.

However, after she and Gina threatened to sue Felice, who was the trustee of the fund, Felice paid back every cent in exchange for Gina dropping the lawsuit. However, Gina later paid Bobbi her portion of the money they scammed from Felice, laughing about the whole ordeal. It was left unclear if Bobbi's indisputably selfish plundering of the trust fund was always done with Gina's approval (making it logical that Gina would be happy when their scam to get Felice to complete re-fund it was successful) or if Gina OK'd the idea after getting over her fury at her mother, because it would screw things up for Felice and Donna.

Bobbi remained a problem for Gina even as she remained off-camera in Season 10. When Donna was stunned to find out that Dr. Martin was Gina's biological father, it was explained that Bobbi got pregnant after a drunken hookup, and further that after Bobbi actually found a man she loved who was a kind and loving stepfather to Gina (Rick), Rick's sudden death led to Bobbi ignoring her daughter and leaving her alone or with disinterested caregivers while she traveled and had a fun life. Bobbi unsurprisingly did not show up after Dr. Martin's sudden death to comfort her daughter or even pay respects to the Martin family, leaving Gina to flounder until she made peace with the Martins and could leave L.A. with a sense of closure. 

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