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Bobby Walsh is a guest character in Season 2 of Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Gordon Currie.


Bobby is an enthusiastic, athletic and charismatic college student and the paternal cousin of Brenda and Brandon. He is paraplegic, the result of a skiing accident three years prior. Although he has suffered a life-changing injury, Bobby appears to have dealt with the trauma and tries to focus on living his life as he would have before the accident.


Bobby visits California, as he considers transferring to California University. He hangs out with the twins and their friends, getting along great with everyone, especially Kelly, who immediately finds him attractive and takes a romantic interest in him. After a hang-out at the Walsh house one evening, Kelly stays and she and Bobby share a kiss. They all go horseback riding and have a great time. When they attend a party at a fellow rich West Beverly student's house, Bobby is confronted with a lot of obstacles that require him to ask for assistance and rely on other people, which he doesn't take well too. When the party host, Tal Weaver, asks Kelly to dance Bobby says it's fine but becomes despondent and asks to be taken home, after unloading on a bewildered Kelly. Back at the house, he and Brandon talk and Brandon confesses that he feels responsible for Bobby's physical condition. Brandon describes how he dared Bobby to take a jump and Bobby insists that Brandon should not blame himself. After Brandon unburdens his heart, it strengthens their bond. The next day, Kelly comes by to talk with Bobby and he realises how much pressure he was putting on their attraction, when they had only just met. They agree to be good friends and join Brenda and Brandon as Brenda nervously takes her first drive after getting her license.