Brandon & Dylan is a relationship in Beverly Hills, 90210, portrayed by Jason Priestley and Luke Perry.

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Brandon meets Dylan when Dylan defends Scott to two bullies in tech class. Brandon initiates contact with Dylan and they start up a friendship that is almost like a brotherhood. They fight, make up, are there for each other in extreme and regular situations and share a grounded view on life, Dylan a more spiritual and open-minded old soul to Brandon's curious, head-first enthusiasm. Together with Brenda they form an inseparable trio, who support and protect one another while growing up in ritzy Beverly Hills. Brandon, at times, feels left out or separated from Dylan due to Dylan's wealth, even as they start college, jealous of the opportunities money affords Dylan easily.[1] [2] Dylan longs for the steady family dynamic Brandon has always enjoyed and considers Brandon's parents his own surrogate parents, until Jim rejects him.[3] Even Dylan's chaotic relationship with Kelly and Brandon's later romance with her does not destroy their close bond and Brandon serves as Dylan's best man at his wedding to Antonia.[4]

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Brandon's first experience of Dylan leaves him both intrigued and a bit surprised that Dylan doesn't seem like the other people in Beverly Hills he's encountered thus far. Brandon seeks out Dylan to get to know him and initially, Dylan suspects Brandon's another rich airhead, but his interest is piqued by Brandon's unassuming nature and approach. Spur of the moment, Dylan decides to bring Brandon on a joyride.[5]

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  • The guys have a lot of nicknames for each other including:
    Jones • Walsh • McKay • Minnesota • B • D • Slick • Slim

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Brandon and Dylan/Gallery

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Luke Perry, Jason Priestley Remember Leaving A Mall In A Laundry Bin To Escape Fans EXTENDED

Luke Perry, Jason Priestley Remember Leaving A Mall In A Laundry Bin To Escape Fans EXTENDED

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