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I wanted to tell him that I'd finally chosen
—Kelly chooses Brandon[src]

Brandon and Kelly is a relationship on Beverly Hills, 90210, portrayed by Jason Priestley and Jennie Garth.


When Brandon and Brenda arrive in Beverly Hills, Kelly immediately finds him cute and Brandon remarks the same to Steve.[1] Kelly's interested in Brandon, but he doesn't return her feelings.[2][3] They become friends as part of the gang and grow closer over the years. After Dylan and Kelly end things, Kelly decides to see if Brandon wants to be with her.[4] They start dating, but face obstacles in the form of Kelly's fire trauma, Brandon kissing Emily[5] and Kelly's involvement with a cult. Brandon proposes to Kelly as Dylan offers her a trip around the world and she rejects them both, later admitting to Brandon that she didn't want to ruin his and Dylan's friendship, relaying that she would've chosen Brandon.[6]


West Beverly[]

Kelly and Brandon first see each other at Marianne Moore's back to school party, sophomore year. They remark that the other is cute to Brenda and Steve respectively, although they don't officially meet at the party.[1] Brandon witnesses how Kelly treats Brenda badly, leaving her behind at the beach party where the twins later save Sarah's life. At school, Kelly apologises and pays penance for her behaviour and Brenda is very sombre around her. Brandon witnesses this, amused, asking Brenda how long she's gonna keep Kelly in the dog house.[7]

Nice shot, champ
—Kelly to Brandon[src]

One night, Kelly comes over for dinner at the Walsh House, where she witnesses Jim Walsh's rather intense encouragement of Brandon's basketball career, which Brenda makes fun of and Kelly laughs at. Afterwards, they study Spanish in Brenda's room and Kelly uses the bathroom. She overhears Brandon running a mock-play in his room and peeks through his door to see him trying to make a shot with rolled up socks. As he makes the shot on his third try, he falls onto his bed cheering and looks up to see Kelly watching him. She flirtatiously compliments his goal and he laughs uncomfortably. Later, Brenda takes Brandon's car to pick up Kelly from a bad date, but the car stalls as Brenda didn't check the gas. She leaves it to find a station, but when she returns the car's gone. When she confesses what happened to her parents and Brandon, he scolds Brenda for Kelly being all Brenda's cared about since they moved to Beverly Hills and tells her he's tired of it.[8] When the annual mother/daughter fashion show rolls around, Brandon attends with his Dad as Brenda, Andrea and Cindy participate. He, along with the rest of the audience, witness Kelly's mother, Jackie, being strung out and rude as the host.[9] Whenever Kelly hangs out at the Walsh house she overtly flirts with Brandon, who is aware but is not interested in her.


In season 5 Kelly was faced with making a choice between the Brandon and Dylan, as a result of Brandon proposing and Dylan McKay confessing his feelings for her and asking her to leave with him on a trip around the world. She ultimately refused to make a decision. Over a year later, however, she finally stated that she had chosen Brandon with the two remaining together for the majority of Priestley's stay on the series.[10]


When Kelly was shot in a drive-by shooting, suffered amnesia and rekindled the more physical side of their relationship, Brandon then went on to cheat on Kelly with a guest writer at his newspaper.[11] After discovering what he has done, Kelly breaks it off with him and tries to go on dates with other men, with Brandon interfering and trying to make her see how much he loves her. When she finally gives him a second chance, the relationship is wrought with jealousy and issues with trust, culminating in Kelly yelling at him that she's always scared that any girl she sees him with will be "the next Emma".

Brandon, unsure of how to respond to the claim, asks her to marry him and a shocked Kelly accepts, hoping it will heal them. A wedding is planned and they get as far as the wedding day before they mutually decide to call it off, realizing it's not right for either of them. They make a last ditch effort to save (or say goodbye) to their relationship before acknowledging that it's over. Brandon agrees to a job on the other side of the country and before he leaves, Kelly meets a new lawyer named Matt Durning - causing Brandon some jealousy at what might develop between the two, but not enough to make him stay in Beverly Hills. He ultimately leaves town (Priestley was leaving the show) and Kelly eventually moves on with Matt but there are subtle mentions throughout the rest of the series that she still has feelings for Brandon.


if you really love me | STEVIE WONDER
brandon and kelly talk about their kiss and telling dylan


KellyYou know what? I think you and I make a good team
BrandonI think so too
BrandonI'm the student body president; I am not Batman
KellyYeah, but I bet you'd look cute in tights[12]
KellyBrandon, just because I didn't wanna move in and get married right away doesn't mean I still don't want a relationship with you
BrandonWhat are you talkin' about, I proposed, you said no – end of conversation
―Lawn jockeys[src]
Kelly – I tried so hard to do the right thing last year when I, turned you down. I told myself I was making the right choice, but I really didn't have any choice at all
Brandon – Yeah you did
Kelly – Choosing between you and Dylan? Think about how that would've affected the two of you. What kind of choice is that?
Brandon – Yeah maybe you're right
Kelly – I just want another chance
—Kelly reveals the truth
KellyWhat was that for?
BrandonNothing... just – for being you
―A friendly kiss[src]


  • Kelly cheats on Brandon with Dylan.
  • Brandon cheats on Kelly twice. The first time with Emily,[5] the second with Emma.


  • In 2014 Jennie Garth remarked she thought that Kelly had ended up marrying Brandon.[13]
  • Ian Ziering thinks that Brandon/Kelly belong together.[14]
  • Creator Darren Star has commented on the character Kelly Taylor's progression in his DVD commentary of the episode "Spring Dance". Darren notes Kelly's first attempt to romance Brandon Walsh, in which she'd embraced her role as Spring Princess and used a largely forward and aggressive approach, does not go over well. He goes on to state that in Season 4 as Kelly expresses her affections in a more gentle and compassionate manner she made a greater impression on Brandon.


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