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Brenda & Andrea is a relationship on Beverly Hills, 90210, portrayed by Shannen Doherty and Gabrielle Carteris.


Although being aware of one another almost from the time Andrea and Brandon meet, they don't officially meet until Andrea comes over to the Walsh home to study for a history test. Brenda is acutely aware of Andrea's crush on Brandon, especially given that Brandon confides in Brenda about his relationship with Andrea. After they bond over working at the rap line, Brenda makes an effort to include the, at times, socially awkward Andrea. Over time the four girls become a group, with Andrea and Brenda always the more grounded duo. They are both ambitious, strong women with core values that they fight to uphold and, whenever they team up, the outcome is usually course altering and powerful.


Brenda knows of Andrea through Brandon, as he becomes fast friends with her, and Andrea presumably vice versa, but they don't spend time together. However, Brenda is aware of the flirtatious nature of Brandon's relationship with Andrea. One night, when Andrea comes over to study, Andrea and Brandon get into a huge fight because Brandon is insecure about how smart Andrea is and he blows up at her, leading Andrea to storm out. Brenda pokes her head into the room shortly after and, knowing her brother, taunts him with “Nice going, Romeo”.[1] When the annual mother/daughter West Beverly Fashion Show is on the horizon, Brandon suggests Andrea be accompanied by Cindy and Cindy agrees. Brenda eventually joins as well and the three of them get ready at the venue together. Brenda compliments Andrea, who is unsure about her looks, and boosts Andrea's confidence.[2]





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