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The Beverly Hills, 90210 CD-ROM — official software companion to the show, released in USA by Byron Preiss Multimedia in 1995. It was distributed By WEA Visual Entertainment. 


  • Over 60 video clips from the series.
  • Multimedia trivia bank featuring bios and cast images.
  • Episode guide with links to the videos.
  • 60 screensavers.
  • Sound Bytes for Windows.
  • Trouble With Authority section.
  • Multimedia timeline.
  • Collection of fax forms, memos, stationery, cards with 50 scenes from the show to print.
  • Interactive map of Beverly Hills including Walsh House, Peach Pit and West Beverly Hills High School.
  • Clip-a-day calendar.
  • Multiple choice trivia quiz — 100 questions.

System Requirements[]

  • PC with 486SX/25MHz or higher processor
  • 4 MB RAM (8 MB RAM recommended)
  • 9 MB free hard disk space
  • SVGA graphics (256 colors with 640x480 resolution)
  • Double-speed CD-ROM drive or faster
  • MPC-compatible sound card
  • Mouse or compatible pointing device
  • Windows 3.1 or later and MS-DOS 3.0 or later