Cameron Shaw is a guest character on FOX teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Darrell Thomas Utley.

Character[edit | edit source]

Cameron is a boy who visits the Beverly Hills Beach Club with his mother in the summer of 1992. He joins Andrea's summer camp at the Beach Club and is supported by Andrea, as he is deaf and Andrea can sign. during the summer.

Arc[edit | edit source]

Andrea pleaded with his mother, Ellen Shaw, that she could watch him if he wanted to join beach camp. Cameron was clearly interested, but turned to disappointment when his mother declined the offer. Cameron later sneaked away from his mother and pretended to have permission to attend Andrea's beach camp. Ellen was frantic because she lost him. After finding him with Andrea, she let him play with the other kids.

Cameron was later seen pelting Andrea with water balloons on instruction from Brandon Walsh. He served as the catalyst for Andrea not taking a summer intern to be with Jay Thurman in Houston so as not to abandon him when he needed her help. Cameron was later playing on the beach and bumped into Jack Canner, who snapped at him. He was helped away by Brandon and Andrea. Later, Andrea felt like she lost him, but he turned up, having gone to the bathroom, followed by some ice cream.

Later, saddened by the prospect of the summer coming to an end, he ran away from Andrea because he was afraid to say goodbye. She found him with his mother and he told her he loved her. He was later part of the celebration of the camp winning the sand castle contest.

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