Camille Desmond is a recurring character in Season 10 of Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Josie Davis.

Character[edit | edit source]

Camille is a fashion magazine columnist, who was a fan of Donna Martin and wanted to write an article on her for her magazine. While visiting Donna at the Beach House, she meets David Silver and the two hit it off and start dating. At some point, Camille comes to own part of Now Wear This and shares with Donna in the day-to-day operations. However, Camille is a little uncomfortable with the closeness between David and Donna. After David accepts a job in New York, Camille is sad that David will be leaving and Donna realizes she is still in love with David.

Camille gets the idea to take Donna Martin Originals nationwide with the use of the internet and pulls Dylan McKay in as an investor in the proposed internet expansion, which Donna is hesitant to do. This creates tension between David and Camille, as Donna asks her to drop the idea and she doesn't listen. Donna has a change of heart, however, and decides to accept Dylan's offer. However, Camille's train of thought alienates David when he starts getting jealous of Dylan's working relationship with Camille. After the website launches, David tells Camille that they don't belong together and breaks up with her. She goes on a short vacation and upon return is surprised to find out that David and Donna have reunited.

She was left devastated and tearful by the breakup. While Donna was sympathetic and honestly had not intended to hurt Camille, she also tells Camille that she can't really give her honest emotional support because she loves David and is committed to him. Camille acknowledges this, and sadly says she's going to sell her share of the business and leave their lives forever.

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