Canon is the sixth episode of the new Melrose Place series. The epsidoe premiered on October 6, 2009 on The CW.


As a result of Jane’s tip, the police bring Ella in for questioning about Sydney’s murder. Ella naturally downplays the tension between her and Sydney prior to the murder. Meanwhile, Lauren is torn between going on a shopping date with Riley for her wedding and impressing her new boss Wendi who just set her up on a "date." A stunned Jonah is accused of stealing a diamond necklace from a mansion he videotaped for a realtor, but becomes even more upset after Ella mentions a similar necklace that she saw in David’s apartment. Elsewhere, Violet maliciously sabotages another employee at Coal so she can get closer to Auggie. 


Lauren met with Wendy, the woman she ran into at the bar last week, and agreed to her terms as her pimp; namely, Wendy gets half of Lauren's cut and if Lauren misses a single appointment, she's done. This ought to create major problems, considering Lauren is in med school. It already created problems this week with Riley when Lauren stood her BFF up.By the end, they were pals again and Lauren was even Riley Maid of Honor. But Riley has no idea about her friend's new line of work.

Jonah almost loses his job because a man that hired him to take videos of expensive houses accuses him of stealing a necklace. At Ella's birthday party, though, Jonah thinks David committed the act. He overhears David and Ella talking about a similar sounding necklace, and David has previously seen the address for the residence in question. But he denies it and then the necklace magically turns up later. Jonah feels terrible and apologizes to his friend, even though he actually had David down perfectly: this is a bored rich dude that steals for the thrill of it.

Violet, sets up Coal's bartender to get fired by planting money from the cash register in her purse. The plan works just as she hoped it would, as Violet is named the new bartender, at least for a night or two per week.

As the police question Ella about Sydney, she remembers about their relationship. Sydney overheard Ella making up a story to a cop that wanted to boot her car year ago and decided to take her under her wing. Sydney would make Ella into a top publicist, and Ella's firm would represent Sydney's art gallery in exchange.After a couple years, though, this arrangement went south. Sydney acted like a bitch and Ella's head grew large. As a result, Sydney was trying to ruin Ella's life (i.e. canceling her credit cards) around the time of her death. The cops have security camera footage of Ella speaking to a private detective outside the club around the time she claimed she was home doing David on the night of Sydney's murder.

Ella speaks to this private detective and tries to get them on the same page (i.e. covering up the fact that Ella hired him to dig through Sydney's apartment), but the guy doesn't play along. The police tell Ella he's accusing her of the murder.




Guest StarringEdit

  • Charles Divins as Frank
  • Kelly Carlson as Wendi Mattison
  • Jaylen Moore as Waiter
  • Jason Olive as Detective Drake
  • Schuyler Yancey as Parking Officer
  • Nicky Whelan as Kira
  • Joshua Cox as Dante Zaretti
  • Victor Webster as Caleb Brewer
  • Max Greenfield as Mickey Richards


  • Riley: We used to do everything together. Now I feel like you have this whole other life that I'm not a part of.
  • Lauren: That whole other life is a hospital full of sick people.
  • Riley: I get that. Except I called the hospital, and you weren't there

  • Detective Rodriguez: (referring to Dante) If we can confirm his story, you can bet your berber you'll be arrested for murder.
  • Ella: Well that's one big if, detective. Good luck with that.
  • Detective Rodriguez: I'm not so sure I'm going to need any luck. It's gonna feel real good when I get to tighten those handcuffs around those adorable little wrists of yours.

  • Ella: You wanna know the truth? The night Sydney died, I slept with a client.
  • David: I'm sorry, what?
  • Ella: I slept with a client.
  • David: That's it? That's your big confession?
  • Ella: Well, it is when their high-profile wife is also a client. Look, if this hit the blogospehere, I'd get fifteen minutes of fame and a lifetime of peddling In-N-Out burgers

  • Ella: (during flashback scene) Syd, you are being unreasonable. I got you write-ups in The L.A. Times, The Weekly, even Vanity Fair. It is not my fault if nobody likes the art.
  • Sydney: We had a deal--I turn you into a real publicist, and you promote my gallery. What am I supposed to tell my artists when they start pulling their work off the walls?
  • Ella: I don't know...paint prettier pictures.

  • Wendy: Well, I have to admit I didn't peg you as someone who wanted to pursue this line of work on a regular basis.
  • Lauren: I'm not sure anyone really pursues this kind of life

  • David: (on camera for Ella's birthday video) Ella, I've known you for seven months now, and you're one of my closest friends. And, uh, I don't have a lot of close friends. And I'd do anything for you...and I do mean anything. So if you want to start your next year off with a bang, you know where I live.


  • Boots And Boys" by Ke$ha
  • "Be Prepared" by Laura Watkins
  • "Arms of Darkness" by Eric Ramsey
  • "24 Hours" by the Noisettes
  • "Way That You Kiss" by Nadia Fay
  • "There Goes The Night" by the Stereo System
  • "Teenage Runaway" by Gabay/Perdomo(of Transcendence)/Sinclair
  • "Sexy Bitch" by David Guetta feat. Akon
  • "Starstruck" by Santigold
  • "Fire Burning" by Sean Kingston
  • "Down" by Jay Sean
  • "No Stopping" by Justement
  • "Until We Bleed" by Kleerup Feat. Lykke Li



  • Ella: (after watching the birthday video that Jonah filmed) And that is why I refer to Jonah as the next Spike Jonze.
  • Spike Jonze is a director who began in music videos and commercials and later moved into directing movies and TV shows. Jonze directed the 1999 movie Being John Malkovich and co-created the MTV series Jackass.

  • Jonah: (to David) Only in my geeked-out imagination could I be sharing a courtyard with Thomas Crown.
  • This is a reference to the 1999 movie The Thomas Crown Affair about a wealthy man, played by Pierce Brosnan, who steals a Monet painting. The film is a remake of a 1968 movie with the same name.

  • Riley: Seriously, Jonah. First Violet, now David. You're, like, trapped in your own Hitchcockian thriller.
  • This is a reference to British movie producer Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980). Hitchcock is famous for creating many of the contemporary filming methods in thriller movies.

  • Jonah: Next thing we know, LAPD's busting down our door, rummaging through all of our stuff.
  • Riley: Yeah, uh huh. What are they gonna find? Your Doctor Strange comic collection?
  • Doctor Strange is a fictional superhero with magical abilities who first appeared in Marvel Comics' Strange Tales #110 in 1963. The character was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.


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