Carol Potter is an American actor and therapist. Potter portrayed Cindy Walsh on Beverly Hills, 90210 and herself on BH90210.


Carol moved to Los Angeles in 1981 from her home in New York City, with high hopes for both personal and professional success, only to find disappointment, failure and loneliness. Adrift in a new city, she returned to the Christian faith of her childhood, and began the slow work of recovery. Two years after reconnecting with her faith, happiness was in her grasp; she had found love in a happy marriage and new motherhood. Then tragedy struck. Her beloved husband Spencer was diagnosed with lung cancer; six months later, he died. So began her journey through grief and loss, which later became a powerful motivation for becoming a therapist.

With a compelling personal narrative, expertise in psychological growth and a dedicated practice of contemplative prayer, a Christian form of meditation also known as mindfulness, Carol’s major focus continues to be meeting life’s challenges, whatever form they take, with presence, compassion and grace. Building a strong foundation, both personally and relationally, is the surest way to a satisfying life, and helping others walk this path is Carol’s greatest joy.

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Best known for her role as Cindy Walsh in the 1990’s hit TV show Beverly Hills 90210, Carol Potter has also appeared on stage, on film and in numerous other TV shows and commercials. After leaving 90210, she returned to school to earn a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy[1], and was licensed as a therapist in 2001. In addition to these two careers, she is a writer, parent, teacher, group facilitator and has practiced meditation for over 35 years.

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