Carol Potter is a character on BH90210, portrayed by Carol Potter.

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Carol is a therapist that personifies a motherly figure akin to her Beverly Hills 90210 character, Cindy Walsh.

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Carol is first seen when the gang goes to group (family) therapy. She is revealed as the gang's therapist. She wants them to work through their troubles and leave their animosities behind. Jennie blurts out that their whole situation just gets weirder and Jason agrees. Carol breaks the ice by telling Jason that he can call her mom. The rest of the gang respond with weird facial looks; she concedes that she was kidding. Gabrielle asserts that Carol knows what she's doing since she became a licensed therapist after the show wrapped. Carol admits that her experience from years on the show was a great training ground for her career. The first session is disastrous due to current-days secrets coming out in the open. Everyone but Tori walks out early. As Jason leaves, Carol tells him to have his people contact her people if he needs her for a cameo. Jason is less than thrilled at the prospect and walks out. Carol offers Tori the remaining session time for individual work. Tori declines because insurance likely won't cover it. [1]

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BH90210 (1/6)

The Photo Shoot

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