Carrie Spencer is a main character on FOX drama Models Inc.. She is portrayed by Carrie-Anne Moss.

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Carrie was a model for Models Inc., and the older sister of fellow model Teri Spencer. Prior to the beginning of the series, Carrie's career reached the point of slow decline while Teri's began a fast ascent. It was implied that part of this may have been due to sacrifices Carrie made on Teri's behalf. Though they endured occasional bouts of friction, the two women were shown to maintain a close and loving relationship. However, a drunken Teri eventually revealed that Carrie's son, who Carrie believed to have been stillborn, was actually alive. Teri had known this for years, but kept it secret.

Carrie then found her son, Kyle, and his adopted parents, but kept her relation to Kyle hidden. She eventually began an affair with Kyle's adopted father, Paul Carson, who'd planned on taking custody of Kyle and leaving his wife, Marcia, for Carrie. However, Carrie was soon prompted to tell Paul who she was. Her revelation left him feeling used, and their relationship ended. Paul later wanted a reunion, but Carrie decided against it. During a traumatic period of her life, Carrie began impersonating Hillary Michaels, her boss and occasional mother-figure, to the point of near obsession.

Hillary eventually sought treatment for Carrie from a doctor named Richard Heller. However, as Heller was also dating Hillary at the time, and sought to marry her for her money, he decided to use Carrie to make himself look good in Hillary's eyes. Rather than treating her accordingly, he had Carrie institutionalized, claiming she needed more care than was actually necessary. Heller eventually confided his plan to Carrie, who managed to slip Hillary a note that revealed the truth. Hillary then had Carrie released and Heller arrested.

When the powerful and spiteful Grayson Louder gained partial control of Models Inc., she eventually began using it as a small outlet for prostitution. Carrie became her only convert, but later tried turning on her. Grayson then had an unconscious Carrie transported out of the country to somewhere in Central America, where she was forced by Grayson's sniper into a new prostitution ring upon awakening overseen by a man named Diego. The series concluded before an on-screen rescue or escape could be featured, though such a thing was implied to be forthcoming.

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