Celeste Lundy is a recurring character on FOX teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Jennifer Grant.

Character Edit

Celeste, a generally collected and good-spirited young woman, dated Steve Sanders during college after he won her affections on a game show. Steve later cheated on her and though he later deeply regretted these actions, he found that there was still a consequence for them, as Celeste ended their relationship.

When she was later dating Steve's rival, John Sears, Steve eventually challenged him to a joust match over mud at a carnival, the private condition being that the loser would give something up. Steve opted for John to have to give up Celeste. As the match went back and forth, Celeste, who'd begun to realize John's true colors, suddenly opened her shirt alongside Brenda Walsh and Donna Martin, each flashing him with their partly exposed chests. Steve knocked John off the platform while he was distracted, winning the match.

Steve and Celeste then later shared a friendly moment together, briefly reuniting before going their separate ways after she met a childhood sweetheart while they were in Hawaii. Celeste was later said to be marrying a Naval officer she met three months prior to Unreal World.

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