I’ll always be partial to Kelly and Steve
—Rosin, on Kelly's romances[1]
Charles Rosin is an Emmy-nominated[2] American television writer and producer. Rosin served as executive producer of Beverly Hills, 90210.

Career Edit

In 1991, Rosin was nominated for an Emmy for his work on CBS dramedy Northern Exposure. He was an executive producer and the showrunner on Beverly Hills, 90210 from 1990-1995, writing several episodes. Rosin also served as executive producer on the first season of Dawson's Creek in 1998.

Episodes Edit

One On OneThe Gentle Art of ListeningOne Man and a BabyEast Side StoryFame Is Where You Find ItSpring TrainingThe Party FishAshes To AshesThe Next Fifty YearsA Competitive EdgeEverybody's Talkin' 'Bout ItThe Twins, The Trustee And The Very Big TripIt's A Totally Happening LifeThe Child Is Father To The ManCommencement: Part 2Somewhere In The World It's Christmas

Trivia Edit

  • When asked, Rosin replied he considers himself 50% Brandon, 50% Steve out of all the characters. His buzzfeed quiz results said Brenda[3]
  • Had Rosin written the series finale of Beverly Hills, 90210, it would have ended when the gang graduated college. Answering the question of who would end up together, Rosin, bearing colleagues Jessica Klein and Steve Wasserman in mind, said:
I bet you we would have brought Shannen back for a very special episode and she would've got with Dylan – Brenda and Dylan. I think that's the one. Possibly Brandon and Kelly too, they would be the back-up and, if I could do the universe over again, Andrea and Steve, but there'd be no Jesse – no offense[3]

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