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Charley Rollins is a character in Season 5 of Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Jeffrey King.


Charley is introduced as a belligerent member of Dylan McKay's rehab group. He's been an addict for most of his adult life and feels that his current time in rehab is his last chance at surviving.


Charley taunts Dylan on Dylan's first day in group therapy. Charley resents Dylan not sitting with the group and wearing a Rolling Stones hat. Dylan and Charley exchange heated words during group therapy and create a hostile environment. Getting annoyed Dylan counters that the hat is Charley's problem as it makes him want to get high, which Charley balks at and storms out. In the evening, Charley drops by Dylan's room and eventually admits that he likes conflict and respects Dylan for standing up to him, before borrowing his Rolling Stones hat to face his demons. Charley works as the manager of the Palm Wind Motel, where Dylan comes to visit him. Charley and Dylan work on a screenplay together, eventually going to Palm Springs to meet with a potential investor, Tom Rose. The deal never happens when Rose threatens, Dylan after Dylan learns that Rose may have had some involvement in Jack McKay's death. Dylan leaves Charley at Rose's estate, which seems to be the end of their relationship altogether.


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Notes and references[]

  1. Rock Of Ages — Charley tells Dylan that he's 42 years old