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Charlie Dixon is a character in Season 4 of Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Patrick Fabian and Sean O'Bryan.


Charlie is the president of KEG house when the gang start college and hosts the welcoming meeting for incoming freshmen. Charlie meets with Steve Sanders and Brandon Walsh and is impressed that Brandon is a good hockey player. He later plays football with Brandon, Steve, and John Sears.[1]

Sean O'Bryan as Charlie

At a frat party, he plays pool with Brandon and warns Brandon that he can't be part of both the KEG house and the progressive party, as in his mind frat life and campus politics don't mix. After Brandon stands up for the KEG house, Charlie dubs Brandon an honorary member.[2] Around Thanksgiving, Charlie steps down as KEG president and is replaced by Mike Ryan.[3]



  • A new KEG president was created as neither Patrick Fabian nor Sean O'Bryan were able to recur as Charlie Dixon.
  • When Mike Ryan was set to come out as gay in an episode, both actors were asked if they'd portray the role as Brandon Douglas had refused to portray a gay man; both Fabian and O'Bryan declined, refusing as well.[4]

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