Chelsea Fielding (Katie Wright)

Chelsea Fielding, played by Katie Wright, was a recurring character introduced in Melrose Place, the second series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity, appearing in seasons 5 & 6.

Chelsea was the 16-year old niece of Matt Fielding, who became her guardian once her father, Luke, died in a plane accident. Her mother, Denise Fielding, had abandoned her when she was younger, leaving Chelsea no place to live.

Luke willed Chelsea into Matt's custody, but Constance Fielding felt like Chelsea shoul come live with her and Matt agreed. However, Chelsea did not want to live with her and Matt agreed to let her stay with him for a short time. However, she proved to be full of attitude and a handful for Matt when she almost set the apartment on fire by leaving a cigarette on the couch and arguing with Amanda Woodward.

After Matt agreed to return her to Constance, Chelsea ran away from home. She later showed up at a shelter, where Matt and Samantha Reilly went to see her and brought her home to stay with Matt.

Later, Chelsea's mother showed up and wanted to take Chelsea to live in Europe with her, but Matt wasn't keen on that idea, though Chelsea wanted to live with her.

They reached a shared custody agreement in preparation for a full custody hearing. When Chelsea was staying with Denise, however, Denise fell asleep drunk while her boyfriend made a pass at Chelsea. Chelsea then went to stay with Matt and told the judge at the trial what had happened. However, custody was granted to Denise.

Denise backed out at the last second, stating she needed to straighten out her own life and take care of herself rather than try to care for Chelsea. Matt took full custody of Chelsea and later moved to San Francisco with her.

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