Chip Johannessen is an American television writer and producer. Johannessen wrote for the show from Season 3 to Season 5.

Career Edit

Johannesen worked as a senior writer and executive producer on Showtime series Homeland (2011–2020).[1]

Episodes Edit

SEASON 3 (4/30)

Home and Away
The Game Is Chicken
Parental Guidance Recommended
Senior Poll

SEASON 4 (5/32)

Greek To Me
Take Back the Night
Change Partners
Acting Out

SEASON 5 (3/32)

Under The Influence
Things That Go Bang In The Night
Sweating It Out

Trivia Edit

  • Johannesen was adamant in curating a perception of Kelly Taylor as a character that did away with the misogynistic "blonde b**bo" stereotype, inspired by the degrading perceptions to which blondes are subjected, including his wife who is also blonde[2]
  • Charles Rosin hired Johannessen based on a scene Johannessen wrote for an episode of L.A. Law.[3]

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Chip Johannessen | Television Academy

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