Chris White, played by Kurt Deutsch, was a character introduced in Models Inc., the third series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Chris was the son of the owner of Purotech Soap and was put in charge of choosing their lead model. He met Linda Holden in the lobby and was immediately smitten with her, choosing her to represent his company without even seeing the other models.

Later, they became romantically involved, which made her current boyfriend, Eric Dearborn angry, to the point where he assaulted her. She broke up with Eric and decided to stay with Chris.

After going out with Linda and spotting Eric in the corner, he walked over and assaulted him, telling him to stay out of Linda's life.

Eric later found out that Chris had been previously arrested for killing someone, but had been released due to lack of evidence. However, Eric continued to hang around, worried about Linda's welfare, which slowly saw Chris's dark side emerge.

After a few weeks, Chris's father, Harold White, offered her an exclusive contract with his company, and she was reluctantly forced to accept it by Hillary Michaels. After Chris proposed to Linda, she turned him down, resulting in an argument in which he accidentally fell down the steps. Linda initially thought he was dead, but he was later found to be alive by the paramedics.

When questioned by the police, Chris lied and told them Eric was responsible. However, after Linda confronted him, he recanted his story and Eric was set free. Linda later broke up with Chris after she decided not to marry him.

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