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Christine Pettit is a recurring character on Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Valerie Wildman.



Christine is introduced as the girlfriend of Jack McKay and he proposes to her shortly after he is released from prison. However, after Jack is presumably killed in a car bombing orchestrated by Anthony Marchette, Christine approaches Dylan McKay and revealed herself as an F.B.I. agent who was watching out for his father.


Two years later, Dylan approaches her for help in finding his fortune, which was stolen by Kevin Weaver and Suzanne Steele. She sends him help in the form of J. Jay Jones, a former associate of hers who helps Dylan reclaim his fortune.


Years later, Dylan saw Jack McKay on a television news report and approached Christine once again. She warned him to drop it, but he refused. After Dylan, with help from Matt Durning and Kelly Taylor, found out that Jack was alive and in witness protection, Jack offered to leave witness protection.

Christine, however, paid a visit to Dylan and warned him that Jack had other people he testified against gunning for him and begged Dylan to not put himself before his father's safety. Christine cited that she gave up Jack, despite her feelings for him, because it was the best thing for him. Eventually, Jack decided to stay in the program and live out his life with new family.


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