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College Bound — twelfth and final novel in Beverly Hills 90210 book series written by Mel Gilden. It was published in august 1994 by HarperPaperbacks.

  • ISBN — 0-06-106-216-2
  • Printed in USA
  • 186 pages


FINAL COUNTDOWN — The fall semester is right around the corner, so when Steve Sanders gets the use of a Malibu beach house for the last few weeks of the summer, it promises to be the best of parties for the gang of 90210!

  • Brandon isn't sure how he feels about Brenda going away for school, but when an attractive stanger strolls into his life, his sister's departure takes a backseat to love.
  • Steve is thrilled when he is accepted at California University, but when his girlfriend Celeste gets a bit possessive, he has to decide if he can be a one-woman man.
  • Andrea believes the putting off Yale is the right choice until she senses disappointment from the one person she admires most — Gil Meyers.
  • David is desperate for a place to live. So when Kelly returns from Europe with a crazy idea, there's nothing left to do but say yes.
  • Brenda knows she has to make a break and move on with her life, but when the gang throws her a going-away party, the doubts about her decision start creeping on.
  • Kelly arrives in time for the party, but all isn't as picture perfect with Dylan as she says. Are they really through?
  • Dylan is still wandering through Europe, healing his wounds and trying to deal with his future. Can he face the rejection from Berkley on his own?
  • Donna agrees to move in with kelly and David at the beach. But when it comes to telling her parents, she mahages to reshape the truth just a bit.

For the first time, the Walsh twins and their friends are on their own and with the future wide open ahead of them, life will never be the same.


Includes introduction A Lot To Think About and excerpt from Graduation Day. List of chapters:

  1. A Beach House in 'BU
  2. Bye Bye, Brenda
  3. Second Thoughts
  4. The Housekeeping Elves
  5. Homesick
  6. Life Is Just A Bowl Of Bagels
  7. Keeping Score
  8. Rain
  9. Red Tassel Diplomacy
  10. Nerves
  11. Sleeping With The Enemy
  12. Home
  13. Registration
  14. Placement
  15. Total Meltdown
  16. California Dreaming
  17. Auditions
  18. The Dumbest Fish


Novel is based on season 4 episodes teleplay:

International Titles[]

  • Universitetet Kalder (Danmark, Carlsen, 1994)
  • Start W Neiznane (Poland)

Photo Section[]

Cover and insert photos by Andrew Semel and Timothy White.