Constance Fielding (Claudette Nevins)

Constance Fielding, played by Claudette Nevins, was a recurring character seen on Melrose Place, the second series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

She is the mother of Matt Fielding and grandmother of Matt's niece, Chelsea Fielding. Constance was always supportive of her husband and had issues with Matt's homosexuality. When Matt was framed for murder, she hired Alycia Barnett to be Matt's attorney, but after Matt talked with her, he exploded at her and told her to stay away from him after thinking she was more worried about everyone finding out she had a gay son.

However, he was proven wrong when Alycia got him bail and his parents welcomed him to stay at home while his building was being repaired. In season 4, her husband, Matt Fielding, Sr., passed away from congestive heart failure with Constance and their son at his side. Matt promised her they would be closer from then on.

She came to see Matt a few months later to tell him that his brother Luke had been killed in a plane crash. As a result, Chelsea Fielding came to live with him. However, Constance and Matt battled over custody, with Chelsea clearly wanting to live with Matt.

Her last scene was with Amanda Woodward, who came to see her after Matt was killed in a car accident. Constance told her the funeral was only for family and wanted no one from the building to attend. Then, she gave Amanda Matt's diary because it held many of their secrets.

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