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Corey Randall is a recurring character on Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Scott Paulin.


Randall was a popular sociology professor at California University who had Brandon Walsh as one of his students. Initially, Randall and Brandon shared a courteous relationship, but things began to escalate when Professor Randall assigned Brandon to tutor D'Shawn Hardell. Brandon tried to tutor D'Shawn, but D'Shawn broke the news to him that Randall fully expected him to take his test for him. While D'Shawn got over his fury with Brandon's refusal and turned himself into a serious student (as well as a genuine friend to his former tutor), Randall was angry at Brandon, who in turn lost any respect he'd had for his former teacher.

Meanwhile, Randall's wife, Lucinda Nicholson had begun flirting heavily with Brandon, who wanted no part of a married woman. After Brandon refused to take the test for D'Shawn, Professor Randall accused Brandon of sleeping with Lucinda. Randall was also forced to clear Steve after his evil KEG brother John Sears tried to set Pledge Sanders up on the prank-theft of Randall's prized Don Drysdale-signed baseball when Brandon gave him two choices: drop the matter or be exposed as a cheater. Randall and Lucinda later divorced, with Randall blaming Brandon.

Randall was asked to leave the university for favoring athletes, but returned three years later. When Steve Sanders handed in a paper he stole from Brandon's computer, Professor Randall brought plagiarism charges against Steve and Brandon. Brandon tried to reason with Randall, who angrily said that Brandon was "guilty until proven innocent". Steve pled guilty and received a relatively mild punishment, but Brandon refused to accept a penalty when he'd done nothing wrong and said he would have his day in front of a faculty conduct court. Randall later gloated to Brandon that he looked forward to Brandon's expulsion and indirectly confirmed he was seeking revenge for Brandon's affair with Lucinda.

At the tribunal, Randall took Steve's actual factual statement that Brandon had nothing to do with his cheating and turned it against Brandon by producing a grade ledger showing Steve's test scores rose and were virtually identical to Brandon's once Brandon started the class a few weeks after it began. While everything looked lost, Steve Sanders and Clare Arnold saved the day when they tracked down the real, original quizzes that Steve had taken and flunked in spectacular fashion, as Randall was unable to deny he'd been exposed as a forger. Chancellor Milton Arnold furiously informed Randall that all charges against Brandon were dismissed and that the professor would have his own, unpleasant day on University conduct matters in the near future. Randall was never seen or mentioned again on the show.


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