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Sure, Donna left you and found Joe, but you're not the victim here – she is. The longer you keep this up you're just abusing her more, is that what you want?
—Brandon tries reasoning with Ray

Courting is the 13th episode of Season 6 of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Brandon gets a national byline for his coverage of Joe's trial, where Donna is caught in a lie. Brandon talks to Ray about his court case against Joe. Valerie blabs to Colin and Susan of their partners' tryst. Colin takes David and Kelly's place as babysitter for Erin while they attend the trial. The Tournament of Roses Queen is announced.


Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh
Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders
Brian Austin Green as David Silver
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin
Tiffani Thiessen as Valerie Malone
Joe E. Tata as Nat Bussichio
Jamie Walters as Ray Pruit[1]
Kathleen Robertson as Clare Arnold

Special Guest Stars

Jason Wiles as Colin Robbins
Caroline McWilliams as LuAnn Pruit

Recurring cast

Emma Caulfield as Susan Keats
Cameron Bancroft as Joe Bradley

Guest starring

Katherine Cannon as Felice Martin
Michael Durrell as John Martin
Tembi Locke as Lisa Dixon
John Walcutt as Bruce Paxton
Leilani Jones as District Attorney
Charlotte Stewart as Mary Ellen Bradley
Alan Fudge as Judge Abner Stanton
William Forward as Tournament President


We've been friends for a long time, Val. You wanna keep it that way?
—Brandon lashes out about Kelly
Now I know what they mean when they say justice is blind
—Steve to Clare, when Donna suffers defamation in court
I would never want you to lie for me
—Joe to Donna
BrandonI love you, Val, I'm not stupid
ValLook, I know I'm a gossip sometimes, but I don't mean it. Please?


  • Brandon is asked to be a stringer for AP in Joe's court case
  • Felice and Joe's mother, Mary Ellen, meet
  • Ray admits in court what he did and the case is dropped
  • Ray stops by Brandon's to thank him and leaves town
  • Donna's friend Lisa wins the Rose Court

Notes and references[]

  1. Last episode with Ray Pruit as a series regular