Cynthia Nichols, played by Garcelle Beauvais, is a character introduced in Models Inc., the third series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Cynthia is a mature, collected model. After coming to work at Models Inc., she eventually began dating Brian Peterson, a photographer.

She was later stalked by an obsessed ex-boyfriend named Frank Thompson, who was fended off by Brian and the police. Frank began to stalk her with harassing phone calls and threatening photos, causing Cynthia to file a restraining order on him. She moved into Brian's house to remain safe. Frank used psychological warfare to keep Cynthia scared.

At one point, however, while Frank was watching the couple at home through binoculars, Brian and Cynthia purposely spited him by having sex in clear view. This act produced an angry reaction in Frank, who later abducted Cynthia and drove her away from town. After Brian caught up, Frank managed to knock him out and rape Cynthia. He then departed with her once again, but Brian was quickly on their trail. While the men engaged in one last fight, Cynthia took hold of a gun and fatally shot Frank as he was approaching her.

Following these events, she became mentally unstable, battling depression and bulimia while later being tended to at a hospital. Eventually, Cynthia realized that she wanted to live, and asked for Brian's support as she moved forward.

When Julie Dante's sister, Anna Jacobs, came to town, she gained Brian's friendship, and eventually tried coming between the couple. Ultimately, Anna was unable to win Brian's heart, as he was devoted to Cynthia.

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