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D'Shawn Hardell is a recurring character on Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Cress Williams.


D'Shawn is an easy-going, generally playful basketball star who Brandon Walsh had been assigned to tutor in college. Brandon first approached D'Shawn while he was playing basketball with a group of friends. D'Shawn then agreed to the tutoring if Brandon could make a shot from where he was standing. Brandon succeeded, impressing everyone on the court. A game then commenced, and the tutoring was held later.

D'Shawn eventually discovered that Brandon was having an affair with a married professor, and said that he'd reveal this secret unless Brandon did a certain amount of school work for him. Brandon refused, and the two went their separate ways. In time, however, it was confirmed that D'Shawn had not revealed Brandon's secret after all, and that he regretted having considered doing so. The two then returned to good terms. D'Shawn also had a date with Donna Martin, helping her make her current love interest jealous.

When Brandon was later accused of misconduct by an opponent during a school hearing, D'Shawn, who'd been found by Brandon's other friends, arrived and gave a testimonial on his behalf, which successfully ended the matter.


  • Originally, the writers had a storyline where D'Shawn and Donna would start dating, but it was shot down by Aaron Spelling because he was black[1][2]


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