David Breck, played by Shaun Sipos, was a character introduced in Melrose Place 2.0, the fifth series in the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Character arcEdit

Melrose Place (2009)Edit

David was introduced as a tenant at 4616 Melrose Place, where his father had once lived as well. He was thirteen years old when his mother died in 1999, and was then taken in by Michael, who had largely shunned him until then.

He had a brief romantic affair with his landlady, Sydney Andrews, shortly before she was murdered. On the night of her murder, he was trying to help her sober herself up until tragedy struck. However, she knew things about him no one else did because he confided in her.

He was questioned for Sydney's murder by Detective James Rodriguez because he had a criminal past, including possession of cocaine, assaults, and taking a baseball bat to his former roommate's jaw. He was also a notorious thief, though he stole from white-collar criminals, drug dealers, etc.

He and Michael argued over Sydney's death, with David still angry that Michael ignored his existence until he was thirteen years old, only to take him in after his mother died. However, apparently Michael kept bailing David out of trouble. Michael had banned David from coming by his house without calling him. He and Michael began a game of cat-and-mouse, with David stealing a two million dollar painting from Michael.

After Jane Andrews tried to blackmail Ella Simms with e-mails she wrote to Sydney, David stepped in with information he uncovered on Michael's computer, most notably that Jane burned down her warehouse and clothing line to accept the insurance money.

Later, however, David entered a more serious romantic relationship with fellow tenant Lauren Yung, a medical student working with his father. After Auggie Kirkpatrick was arrested for Sydney's murder, David went out of his way to clear his name, finding a necklace of Sydney's in Michael's car.

When his stepmother, Vanessa Mancini was revealed as being Sydney's killer, he asked David to grab Noah and protect him from her. It was also later revealed that David was Noah Mancini's father as a result of an affair before Michael and Vanessa were married. This made Michael furious and he blackmailed Lauren, threatening her medical career, into breaking up with David so he could make his life miserable.

Although David promised Lauren he would stop stealing, after she dumped him, he set his sights on a large ring to steal. While in the process of stealing the ring, he was caught by Morgan McKellan, the daughter of a millionare. She not only let him steal the ring from her father, but she kissed him as well. With the money he made from the ring, he bought Coal and fired Marcello.

After Morgan repeatedly blackmailing David into being in a relationship with her and failing, her father, Mr. McKellan, eventually approached David with the knowledge that he knew about his theft of his ring. He threatened him and then told him he was going to work for him until he decided otherwise. The series concluded with David's future still unknown.