David Michaels is a character on FOX drama Models Inc.. He is portrayed by Brian Gaskill.

Character Edit

David is the son of Hillary Michaels, and the Vice President of Models Inc. He is valiant, loyal, and occasionally hot-headed. At one point, David came to the aid of Sarah Owens when a client of the company's—who he soon severed ties with—made an unwelcome sexual advance toward her. David and Sarah later began dating, but eventually separated. During the time that they were apart, a drunken David slept with his ex-girlfriend Julie, who'd been regularly pursuing him.

When Sarah found out about this later, she and David separated a second time, this one for good. David and Julie got back together and decided to leave the agency and start one of their own. However, Julie got cold feet and left David on his own without an ally. Their relationship ended when David decided that he could no longer work for his mother and left alone to run an agency of his own. He later sent Julie a letter which stated that he didn't hate her and understood her decision to stay.

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