Devo Demars is a character in Season 1 of Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Billy 'Sly' Williams.

Character[edit | edit source]

Devo was the boyfriend of Sherice Ashe from Inglewood. However, Sherice's father, Robinson Ashe Jr., refused to let her see him, citing him as a thug and a high-school dropout. Devo cared about Sherice, but was resigned to the fact that once the Ashes moved to Beverly Hills, they then lived in separate worlds.

After encouragement by his co-worker, Ramon, Devo attempted to go visit Sherice in Beverly Hills, only to be accosted by the police because he was black. After hearing about the story, Brandon Walsh went to see Devo at Tamale Heaven, where Devo worked. After Brandon was confronted by some black gang members outside, Devo chased them off. Brandon and Devo had a tense conversation where Devo tried to lay out the racist world they lived in and could do nothing to change.

Brenda Walsh, Sherice Ashe, and Robinson Ashe III came to get Brandon because they were worried about him. Devo and Sherice then went to go talk. It was later stated that Sherice could continue seeing him after her father softened his stance on Devo.

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