Beverly Hills 90210 character dolls were produced by Mattel in 1991. The dolls are the same size as Barbie, so kids could easily incorporate them into their collections.

General Description Edit

  • Each doll in separate box.
  • Each doll about 11.5" tall.
  • Bends at the knees.
  • Head tilts and turns.
  • Elbows are stiff in bent position.
  • Shoulder joints rotate around.
  • Hip joints move back and forth.
  • The waist twists.

Dolls Edit

Brandon Walsh Edit

  • Description:
    • dark hair & light green eyes
    • brown faux suede оacket, green top, silver tonenecklace, dark blue jeans
  • Comes with:
    • red plaid bathing trunks, pair of shoes
    • labeled plastic stand for display

Brenda Walsh Edit

  • Description:
    • dark hair & green eyes
    • a pair of beige shorts, white with blue stripe blouse, purple floral vest, purple tie, beige hat with white flower, black belt, pair of white button earrings, white finger ring
  • Comes with:
    • blue 2 piece bathing suit, pink hair brush, pair of shoes
    • labeled plastic stand for sisplay

Dylan McKay Edit

  • Description:
    • molded pompadour hair & gold tone earring
    • red jacket, black top, light blue jeans with black belt
  • Comes with:
    • swim trunks, pair of hi top tennis shoes
    • labeled plastic stand for display

Kelly Taylor Edit

  • Description:
    • blond hair & blue eyes
    • purple jacket with black trim & silver heart shape «buttons», silver tone dangly earrings, silver tone finger ring, black dress, silver tone heart shape purse
  • Comes with:
    • yellow bathing suit, pair of black shoes, pink hair brush
    • labeled plastic stand for display

Donna Martin Edit

  • Description:
    • blonde hair & light brown eyes
    • black & white floral dress, black head band, white flower earrings w ith pink bead center, pink finger ring, black purse with white faux pearl shoulder strap
  • Comes with:
    • pair of pink shoes, a yellow, pink, purple & white bikini swim suit, blue hair brush
    • labeled plastic stand for display

Accessories Edit

Peach Pit Snack Shop Edit

For some resasons Peach Pit Snack Shop Set doens't use design from the show. Playset includes:

  • snack counter
  • stools
  • chairs
  • table
  • cash register
  • soda machine
  • juke boxes
  • fruits
  • plates
  • glasses
  • coffee pot
  • soda bottles
  • labels

Fashion Series Outfits Edit

Extra outfits as part of Beverly Hills 90210 Fashion series were sold separately — for Brandon, Brenda, Dylan, Kelly & Donna.

4x4 Cruiser Edit

4x4 Cruiser was also produced. Notably, there was no such car owned by main characters during first season of the show.

Gift Set Edit

Three-dolls Gift Set also released — includes Brandon Walsh, Brenda Walsh & Dylan McKay.

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Media Edit

Barbie, Meet Brenda (PEOPLE • FEBRUARY 1992)
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