Drew Pragin, played by Nick Zano, was a character introduced in Melrose Place 2.0, the fifth series in the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Character arcEdit

Melrose Place (2009)Edit

Drew moved into Auggie Kirkpatrick's old apartment after he left town. He was a medical student, focusing on hematology, at ULA Medical Center with Lauren Yung and Michael Mancini. He moved into the apartment and immediately clashed with Lauren when he played his guitar too loud early in the morning. Drew was in a band and was practicing.

Drew was a different kind of med student in that he focused on bedside manner a lot and tried to use his sense of humor to lighten the mood in most situations. Lauren didn't appreciate his sense of humor, however, and constantly voice her disdain for him to anyone who listened.

He briefly dated Riley Richmond after her breakup with Jonah Miller.

Drew discovered the lost piece of art that Sydney Andrews was hiding from Amanda Woodward hidden in the closet, remnants of Auggie's stay there.

After patients began dying at the hospital, Drew discovered that the heart valve invented by Michael Mancini was leaking toxins in the patient's bloodstream. Drew was determined to put a stop to the heart valve, because he had received the heart valve during an operation himself.

After he confronted Michael about the valve, Michael had him framed for stealing oxycodone by planting it in his locker.

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