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Mad, bad and dangerous to know. That was him and that's me
—Dylan on Byron

Dylan McKay is a principal character on Beverly Hills, 90210, portrayed by Luke Perry.


Dylan is introduced as an intelligent, well-read, teen mature beyond his years, but emotionally scarred by his upbringing, which leaves him hostile and unpredictable at times. In spite of tough circumstances, Dylan has something of a grounded nature and perspective on life, mostly assuming nothing about others and is very clear about his moral compass – except when he is agitated (usually by his hapless parents) and he lashes out or closes off emotionally. His unsteady childhood makes him a loner, only able to rely on himself and prone to taking retreats and associating with only a few people at a time. Dylan is the son of Jack McKay, a man known for his wealth made through white collar crime, and Iris, a spiritual and light-hearted woman who abandoned Dylan and with whom he has little in common. The family grew divided during Dylan's childhood; Jack and Iris divorced around 1981[2], and their son developed strained relationships with both parents.

West Beverly[]


When Dylan meets Brandon, he quickly takes to him, recognizing Brandon's intelligence and genuine character, which Dylan considers a novelty in the superficial Beverly Hills world. Dylan soon meets Brandon's sister Brenda and falls in love with her. Dylan's relationship with Brenda provides him with much needed love and comfort, add to the fact that they really care about each other and respect one another as individuals – in as much as Dylan is able to with his low self-esteem. Along with Brandon and Brenda, the Walsh parents also become a comforting fixture in Dylan's life, the first sense of family he had known in 10 years.[2] With his mother AWOL and his father's neglect and abusive behavior, Dylan struggles with feeling safe and finding focus in his life, unable to take care of himself solely at 16. Dylan and Brenda become very close, while Brandon and Dylan become best friends. The trio look out for each other at all times and bring Andrea, Steve and Kelly into their soon-to-be friend group, later joined by Donna and David Silver.

summer '91[]

A brief pregnancy scare marked the beginning of a highly stressful period for Brenda, which soon led her to break up with Dylan. Dylan's father was later arrested for a brief period of time, creating another painful experience for him in which Brenda attempted to provide comfort. His tendency to drink when stressed was also displayed during this period, which prompted the intervention of Brandon. Brenda and Dylan draw close once again when he was injured while surfing, with the two admitting that they missed one another.


It was around this time that Brenda's parents, however, had become opposed to the relationship, leading to much antagonism. Further complicating the situation was the fact that Dylan shared a professional bond with Brenda's father, Jim Walsh — who Iris had selected as Dylan's trustee.

Dylan eventually decided that it would be best to let his own father oversee his assets, and Jack agreed. Despite their personal differences, Jim was uncomfortable with letting Dylan put his financial future in Jack's hands—though he merely cited the legality of their arrangement while blocking the change. Dylan and Jim moved back and forth on the issues of their personal and professional matters, finally settling into enmity. During this period, Dylan also briefly reunited with a friend and mentor named Jake Hanson.

summer '92[]

While Brenda was in Paris during the summer, Dylan had an affair with their mutual friend Kelly Taylor. The feelings between Dylan and Kelly grew in spite of their reservations, as they'd known each other for many years.


When Brenda returned, she and Dylan began growing apart due to new-found differences. After confirming that they'd both had flings during her time in Paris, the couple soon broke up. Dylan then began seeing Kelly, which quickly angered Brenda. After the girls had reconciled, Dylan was told to reach a choice between them. He eventually chose Kelly, when Brenda could not show up to his father's party because of her parents. Dylan and Jack faced a trying time following Jack's release from an incarceration. Though Dylan was at first emotionally detached from his father, the pair eventually reconciled and grew close once again.


Dylan at his graduation with Cindy & Jim

Shortly afterward, a car bomb apparently took Jack's life after he'd resumed his criminal relations. Dylan was again tempted to soothe his pain by drinking, but thanks to some comforting words from David Silver, he was able to realize that it wasn't what he wanted. He soon learned that Jack had been collaborating with the FBI. Dylan was also comforted by Brenda who knew how to be there for him while Kelly tried but awkwardly failed. Dylan's mother, Iris, visited Beverly Hills to attend his high school graduation, which highlighted the two's comical differences, but ultimately left them on good terms. After feeling his dad's presence, Dylan later revealed that it seemed as though Jack was there with them throughout the day—to which Iris replied that perhaps he was.

California University[]

Though their relationship was generally amicable throughout the fourth season, Dylan's tendency to decline Jim's advice would have consequences. After purchasing a new car against Jim's wishes, Dylan was soon carjacked—which resulted in him buying a gun and becoming obsessed with self-defense. Following a moment in which he came close to accidentally shooting Brandon, Dylan began to relent in this obsession. However, much more anxiety would follow. He soon learned that Brenda was involved with Stuart Carson, a young man who Dylan had a rocky past with and a less than high opinion of. Growing amounts of tension troubled his relationship with Kelly, due largely to differences over certain people in their lives. The biggest surprise of all came during Christmas when he met a woman named Suzanne, who introduced him to a younger child of Jack's named Erica. He was initially skeptical, having never heard of Erica before, but eventually invited the two of them into his life—along with Suzanne's partner Kevin. Jim, however, cautioned Dylan against being too trusting, particularly when the couple began making business proposals. Though Dylan initially heeded the warning, he ultimately declined Jim's advice once more, which would again prove to be a mistake. By the end of the season, Dylan had lost a girlfriend in Kelly, an adviser in Jim, and two new friends in Kevin and Suzanne, who departed the country after conning him (although at this point, he was unaware of this). In the final moments of the finale, however, Dylan shared a farewell kiss with Brenda, who'd opted to pursue stage acting in London.


Dylan fell into a downward spiral throughout the fifth season, largely because of Kevin and Suzanne's betrayal, and partly due to the knowledge that Brandon and Kelly were dating. He found temporary comfort in the arms of Valerie Malone, an old friend of the Walsh family's with a naughty side. After a period of drug use and reckless behavior enabled by his drug dealer, Mr. Trilling, Dylan eventually wound up in the hospital after a car crash while driving under the influence. A dream sequence during this period revealed that he viewed Jim and Cindy Walsh as ideal parents, Mr. Trilling as the devil, Valerie Malone as a Brenda-wanna be, and Jack McKay as a homeless vet. Dylan was watched over by Iris McKay and a med student named Jamie Young, who believed that Dylan's dreams were a struggle for his soul. After finally awakening, he began steps toward recovery by going to rehab.

While in rehab, he met Charley Rollins, who he would eventually work with on a screenplay. They clashed in rehab, but later became friends after they both got out. With the help of J. Jay Jones, a private investigator recommended by Christine Pettit, Dylan, along with Valerie, would later pursue Kevin and Suzanne. The trio managed to reclaim the money they'd taken, and removed Erica from their custody following their arrest. After the fire, Kelly had gotten caught up in the New Evolution, a cult led by Patrick Finley. When Brandon's attempts to reach her failed, he hatched a plan with Dylan to free Kelly from their influence. Dylan went undercover and made a deal with Finley to buy him a new building if he convinced Kelly to marry him. When the plan worked, Dylan and Brandon freed Kelly from Finley. Following several sessions of hypnotherapy with Molly Campbell in which Dylan saw himself in past lives, Dylan came to realize that he wasn't over Kelly and believed there was a possibility that she was his soul mate.

A brief fling once again developed between Dylan and Kelly, despite her still being involved with Brandon. Dylan eventually invited Kelly on a romantic trip around the world, prompting Brandon to respond by proposing to her. She eventually chose neither, later stating that she didn't want to ruin Brandon and Dylan's friendship.

Marriage and Departure[]

While playing action against Anthony Marchette, the man responsible for bombing his father's car, Dylan befriended Anthony's daughter Toni. Over time, he found himself developing genuine feelings for the young woman. Anthony opposed the romance and informed Toni of Dylan's vendetta, prompting Dylan to reveal his side of the story when she confronted him. Toni initially didn't believe Dylan, but later discovered the truth. Dylan and Toni were soon engaged. Shortly before the wedding, Brandon read Dylan a telegram from Jim and Cindy, both of whom stated that they were proud of him. Brenda also sent a message expressing her affection.

After getting married, Dylan and Toni intended to leave Beverly Hills. Just before they could do so, however, Anthony attempted to have Dylan killed via a drive-by assassin, who accidentally shot Toni instead. Brandon stood beside a screaming Dylan as he cradled his wife's body. Tony and Dylan met for the last time in a private area at Toni's funeral. A devastated Anthony handed over a gun and told Dylan to kill him. Dylan refused, gave in the temptation, and walked away after stating that the killing was over. Brandon was present to see Dylan Return.

While grieving the loss of his wife, Dylan realizes that living in Beverly Hills has brought him nothing but agony and sadness. He chooses to make a change in his life by leaving California and traveling the world in search of himself.

Return to Beverly Hills[]

Following an off-screen reunion with Brenda, Dylan returned to Beverly Hills shortly after Brandon had departed. He would eventually learn that Anthony Marchette had committed suicide. In time he began to regularly interact with several of the group's new friends—entering a relationship with Gina, and helping Steve rescue an abducted Noah. Dylan, after returning to the Beverly Royale Hotel upon being evicted by his roommate, David, caught up with Jack's old friend, the hotel manager Hector. He also met an old friend named Lucy Wilson, who had lived in the hotel her entire life and knew Dylan from the old days. Through each other, they both realized how lost they both were and made a deal to return to college get to some direction in their lives.

Dylan also got involved at a community center, where Andrew Emery was employed. After helping out there and with some issues with the center, Matt started realizing that Dylan was getting serious about getting his life together, but also about Kelly. Dylan later discovered that his father was alive after all, and had merely been under FBI protection for years. After first seeing Jack on video, the two men were briefly reunited in person. Jack then left town, returning to FBI protection and his new wife. Before Jack left he revealed that he had been living under the identity Eddie Waitkus and that he was married to a woman named Lisa and they had a son named Jack. Dylan and Kelly would eventually face rekindled feelings, and reunited by the time of the series' conclusion.


Brenda Walsh
Main article: Brenda and Dylan

Dylan and Brenda meet through Dylan's friendship with Brandon and almost immediately have an incredibly passionate relationship. While on their first date Dylan lost his temper following an encounter with his father and after a shaken Dylan apologized and found comfort in Brenda's arms, the pair shared their first kiss. The topic of sex soon entered Brenda and Dylan's relationship, with Dylan being ready in contrast to Brenda's desire to wait. Though this initially created tension between the two, his sensitivity and patience were revealed as he eventually showed respect for her wishes and remained faithful. On the evening of their high school Spring Dance, the couple made love for the first time and acknowledged how important they'd become to one another. Brenda broke up with Dylan twice; this, as well as the hostility he endured from Jim Walsh, led Dylan to move on and seek out a less complicated relationship with Kelly Taylor – although they briefly fell out with Brenda as a result. Even through his relationship with Kelly, Dylan was always there for Brenda, indicating their bond was permanent and strong. They briefly reconcile before Brenda leaves for London and after Dylan's wife is killed, Dylan leaves Beverly Hills for good and ends up living with Brenda in London.

Antonia Marchette

Meeting in creep stalker fashion at first, with Dylan seeking a way to exact revenge on her criminal father for his father's murder, they soon become friendly and Dylan is surprised to learn that Antonia is very different from most girls he has encountered in Beverly Hills. He quickly finds himself falling in love with her and they start dating, with Toni unaware that her father killed Jack McKay. She falls in love with Dylan and he meets her father, Tony Marchette, who is well aware of who Dylan is and disapproves of their romance. All the same, Toni defies her father and agrees to marry Dylan, without her beloved father present. The same night Tony's henchmen mistakenly kill Antonia in a setup meant for Dylan. Dylan is heartbroken and promptly leaves Beverly Hills behind, not returning for 3 years.

Kelly Taylor
Main article: Dylan and Kelly

Kelly has a crush on Dylan in high school and says that he flirted with her throughout her freshman year. The summer before their senior year, Dylan is disillusioned with his relationship with the Walsh family, as a schism has formed, and gravitates towards Kelly while Brenda is in Paris. They cheat together but Kelly is conflicted because of her friendship with Brenda and her crush on Dylan. She decides that they have to part when Brenda returns and they do. When Brenda breaks up with Dylan during senior year, Kelly and Dylan go on a date but Kelly feels like she's only there because Brenda isn't. Dylan leaves town for a while and when he returns the girls give him an ultimatum, after trying unsuccesfully to be friends. As Dylan's criminal father returns, Kelly is the only one wanting to be around Jack McKay and Dylan chooses her. They tell Brenda that they betrayed her, which causes a rift that is never truly mended between Brenda and Kelly. After Dylan's father dies, Kelly gets insecure about Brenda and develops an eating disorder. She recovers and she and Dylan go on a Europe trip together, but break up because they don't want to do the same stuff. They try to make it work in college, but are constantly fighting and Brenda looms large. Kelly cheats on Dylan with Brandon and, after Dylan breaks up with her, she starts dating Brandon. After Dylan loses all his money and falls off the wagon, he wants Kelly back and she wavers between him and Brandon. While recovering from addiction, Dylan undergoes therapy which allows him to see his past life in dreams and he finds that he knew Kelly before. This underpins his actions going forward, as he proclaims he and Kelly soulmates and asks her to travel the world with him, which she turns down. Kelly is shocked when Dylan announces his engagement to Antonia, but Dylan is cold, retorting that he 'asked Kelly first', all the while having Brandon relay the news to Brenda, telling Brandon that he couldn't face doing it himself. Kelly later learns that Dylan and Brenda are living together in London, while she is with Brandon. When Dylan returns to Beverly Hills, they resume a friendship and Kelly helps Dylan find out what happened when it appears that Jack McKay is alive. Dylan wants to get back together with Kelly, who eventually agrees.


  • Perry's audition was with the scene in the hotel where Dylan tries to reach his parents in Paris and has to speak French.[6]
  • The other actor who made it to network testing alongside Perry, was Kirk Geiger.[7]
  • Although Perry's look in 90210 bears resemblance to James Dean, Perry would never let the writers acknowledge that on the series[8]
  • Trevor Edmond (Evan Potter), auditioned for Dylan[9], as did Carl T. Evans (Jonathan Casten).[7]
  • Other actors who auditioned/scheduled to read for Dylan, were Matt LeBlanc (!), Sean Patrick Flannery, David Barry Gray and Keith Coogan[7]
“An alternative to our all-American Brandon Walsh. When you thought of a guy as dangerous, you thought of a guy in black leather who hangs around an auto shop. What about someone who incorporates those things but lives alone in a hotel suite a la Eloise and was as comfortable in Armani as in black leather and likes poetry -- he wasn't a dumb guy”[6]
  • Dylan was named after actor Matt Dillon[10]
  • Dylan's love of surfing and the ocean came from Rosin. Writer Jordan Budde was the one to suggest that Dylan would live in a hotel[11]


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