Well, I can just be myself, and there's no strings attached. You don't want anything from me. Everybody else does. Brenda, Kel, especially my dad
—Dylan to Andrea
Dylan & Andrea is a relationship in Beverly Hills, 90210, portrayed by Luke Perry and Gabrielle Carteris.

About Edit

Dylan and Andrea are part of the same group early on, as they're arguably the two most important connections the Walsh twins' make, respectively. Both connections are undeniably romantic, Brenda and Dylan almost immediately starting a romance where Andrea and Brandon never get together for real despite strong attraction and multiple non-starers. Andrea and Dylan rarely spend time together in high school, both defined by the teen Beverly Hills social norms as outsiders, but very different types: Andrea is labelled as the driven, straight A-student; Dylan, the brooding, intelligent, mysterious object of infatuation for the girls (such as Kelly) at West Beverly. They eventually realise they have a lot in common and become close friends.

Quotes Edit

DylanOkay Zuckerman, how d'you know I was into Bukowski huh
AndreaCome on, the renegade poet of our times, please
―Kindred spirits
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