Ella Simms, played by Katie Cassidy, was a character introduced in Melrose Place 2.0, the fifth series in the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Character arcEdit

Melrose Place (2009)Edit

Ella Simms is a bisexual junior publicist working at WPK Public Relations and the roommate of Lauren Yung. She grew up in a household with an absentee father and a pill-popping mother. At the onset of the show, when Sydney Andrews was found floating dead in the pool, Ella conspired to have an alibi with David Breck, despite them not being together at the time of the murder. Sydney had mentored Ella when had arrived to Los Angeles, only to have her student turn on her.

She was constantly trying to stay ahead of her boss, Caleb Brewer, and was consistently meeting his expectations, only to get little credit for her work. She was also blackmailed by Jane Andrews about nasty e-mails she sent Sydney before her death.

During early episodes of the series, she appeared to have a crush on Jonah Miller, who had become engaged to Riley Richmond. When Riley and Jonah finally broke up, Ella began dating him. Ella also became suspicious of her roommate Lauren Yung during Lauren's involvement in prostitution, when she found hundreds of dollars in Lauren's closet.

After Amanda Woodward took over her office and fired Caleb Brewer, Amanda began treating her badly, insulting her constantly and eventually setting her up for embezzling from the company. Ella decided to fight back and stole Gabe Taylor's access key to the WPK servers in order to break into the computer system. She and David broke into the agency and discovered files on Sydney Andrews and the nineteen million dollar painting she hid from Amanda.

After she found out that Jonah had kissed Riley, she broke up with him.

Ella later confronted Amanda with the painting, making a deal with her for the painting in exchange for her own company. Amanda tried to screw her over, but Ella sent a picture of Amanda with the stolen art to the F.B.I. Amanda was arrested and taken into custody with Ella retaining her job.

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