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Season 1 (1990-91)[]

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1 Class of Beverly Hills 4 OCTOBER 1990 Darren Star 1
16-year-old fraternal twins Brandon and Brenda Walsh adjust to life at West Beverly Hills High after moving from Minneapolis. Brandon gains notoriety after his first date, and Brenda dates a lawyer after using an altered ID to get into a dance club
2 The Green Room 11 OCTOBER 1990 David Stenn 2
The Walshes come to see that style is no substitute for substance as Brandon hits the beach with one new friend who may have both, and another who fears she has neither, while Brenda is left high and dry there by style-conscious Kelly
3 Every Dream Has Its Price (Tag) 18 OCTOBER 1990 Amy Spies 3
Brenda's new friend has a problem, in which Brenda suddenly finds herself included. Meanwhile, Brandon gets a job, and Cindy gets a maid, against her wishes
4 The First Time 25 OCTOBER 1990 Darren Star 4
Brandon gets a visit from his Minneapolis girlfriend, who brings pleasure one night but pain the next. Meanwhile, Brenda has an adventure in baby-sitting for a hunk teacher
5 One On One 1 NOVEMBER 1990 Charles Rosin 5
Recruits from outside the school district may sink Brandon's shot at making the basketball team. Meanwhile, Brenda takes her third - or fourth - shot at driver's training
6 Higher Education 15 NOVEMBER 1990 Jordan Budde 6
Cheating seems justified to Brandon when he feels victimized by a teacher's grading curve. Meanwhile, Brenda suffers from poor hair coloring.
7 Perfect Mom 22 NOVEMBER 1990 Darren Star 7
Brenda envies Kelly's relationship with her hip-looking mom, until she sees another side at a public event, where Andrea blossoms.
8 The 17-Year Itch 29 NOVEMBER 1990 Amy Spies 8
A reunion with the dashing photographer who introduced them in college illuminates some stress between Cindy and Jim, whose differences are reflected in their kids
9 The Gentle Art of Listening 6 DECEMBER 1990 Charles Rosin 9
On a teen help line, untrained volunteer Brenda becomes the trusted contact for a date-rape victim. Meanwhile, Brandon falls for a worldly older woman.
10 Isn't It Romantic? 3 JANUARY 1991 Karen Rosin 10
While Brandon is wary, Jim is definitely opposed to the growing attraction between Brenda and Dylan.
11 B.Y.O.B. 10 JANUARY 1991 Jordan Budde 11
Brandon's first experience with tequila isn't as meaningful as his second, when he and Brenda host a party while their parents are away.
12 One Man And A Baby 24 JANUARY 1991 Amy Spies 12
Brandon gets a taste of parenthood from his date - and her child. Brenda jumps at her radio contest prize - skydiving.
13 Slumber Party 31 JANUARY 1991 Darren Star 13
Kelly's friend brings an attitude to Brenda's girls' night in. Meanwhile, Steve and Brandon walk a lonely road on a night out with two unpredictable women.
14 East Side Story 14 FEBRUARY 1991 C. Sternwood & C. Rosin 14
Brandon and an East L.A. exchange student overcome initial hostilities, while the Walshes remain hostile to an unwelcome visitor surprisingly common in Beverly Hills.
15 A Fling In Palm Springs 21 FEBRUARY 1991 Jordan Budde 15
Plans for a Palm Springs weekend include time alone for Dylan and Brenda, but not time with David's grandparents, who turn out to be much cooler than David.
16 Fame Is Where You Find It 28 FEBRUARY 1991 Karen Rosin & Charles Rosin 16
The right look at the right place at the right time gets Brandon a shot at TV stardom, while Brenda plays a role covering for Brandon at his restaurant job.
17 Stand (Up) and Deliver 7 MARCH 1991 Amy Spies 17
Kelly and Andrea take different tacks helping Brandon run for class president, while Brenda seeks to run her own ship - out of school and away from home.
18 It's Only A Test 28 MARCH 1991 Darren Star 18
Worries about SATs take a back seat when Brenda finds a lump in her breast, a fear heightened by her family's medical history
19 April Is The Cruelest Month 11 APRIL 1991 Wasserman & Klein 19
Brandon suspects that the driving force behind the school's tennis star may drive the boy to drastic action — with a gun. Meanwhile, SAT scores have Donna suspecting a bleak future
20 Spring Training 25 APRIL 1991 Charles Rosin 20
Spoiled kids with smart mouths — and meddling parents with designer snacks — spoil Brandon's enthusiasm for coaching baseball; an ailing Jim howls at Brenda's request to keep a stray dog
21 Spring Dance 2 MAY 1991 Darren Star 21
It's the big spring dance, and the chance of romance is good for Dylan and Brenda, possible for Kelly and Brandon and nil for Steve, who carries a torch that's about as cumbersome as his date's dress
22 Home Again 9 MAY 1991 Amy Spies 22
The family's excitement over Jim's promotion is short-lived when he reveals it means moving back to Minnesota

Season 2 (1991-92)[]

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1 Beach Blanket Brandon 11 JULY 1991 Darren Star 23
Summer vacation begins with Brandon starting a new job and Brenda having second thoughts about her relationship with Dylan.
2 The Party Fish 18 JULY 1991 Charles Rosin 24
At work, Brandon connects with an older co-worker, and with a mover and shaker whose hard-to-refuse offer causes shakiness at home with his dad. Meanwhile at school, Brenda connects with her emotions.
3 Summer Storm 25 JULY 1991 Wasserman/Klein 25
Cindy's mothering instinct upsets Jim and Brenda after she brings injured surfer Dylan to recuperate at the Walshes'. Meanwhile, Kelly's instincts are spiked by a handsome volleyball player.
4 Anaconda 1 AUGUST 1991 Jonathan Roberts 26
Brenda burns naturally, but Brandon and friends are in hot water when their after-hours poker game at the beach club is followed by a burglary.
5 Play It Again, David 8 AUGUST 1991 Sherri Ziff 27
Acting as a "big brother," Brandon is asked to keep a secret that needs telling; and Kelly fears a familial connection to David when their parents start dating.
6 Pass, Not Pass 15 AUGUST 1991 Allison Adler 28
Andrea finds more drama when the student-teacher relationship goes outside the classroom; Brandon finds the fruit of his summer labor is sour - as in lemon.
7 Camping Trip 29 AUGUST 1991 Karen Rosin 29
Rain on the kids' Yosemite parade strands the gang of seven next to newlyweds who teach — and learn — some things about love, marriage, divorce and communication.
8 Wildfire 12 SEPTEMBER 1991 Wasserman/Klein 30
Dating others no longer looks good to Brenda when Dylan dates the new girl in school, whose datebook also includes Brandon. Meanwhile, Scott and David find what a difference a summer makes.
9 Ashes To Ashes 19 SEPTEMBER 1991 C. Rosin/J. A. Mason 31
A new family in the neighbourhood includes a freshman photographer and his older sister, whose boyfriend is roughed up by a security patrol when he tries to visit.
10 Necessity Is a Mother 26 SEPTEMBER 1991 Wasserman/Klein 32
Dylan says the full-time presence of his mother is driving him crazy, and although he doesn't say it's driving him to drink, soon he doesn't have to. Meanwhile, class success Donna plays the stock market for real.
11 Leading From The Heart 10 OCTOBER 1991 Darren Star 33
A mutual attraction between Kelly and the Walshes' visiting cousin Bobby is complicated more by others' assumptions than by Bobby's wheelchair. Meanwhile, Brenda takes another driving test.
12 Down and Out of District in Beverly Hills 17 OCTOBER 1991 K. Rosin/A. Adler 34
Brandon's good deed turns into a bad seed for Andrea, as it grows into the possibility of her expulsion from West Beverly. Meanwhile, Steve meets a girl looking for gold.
13 Halloween 31 OCTOBER 1991 Jonathan Roberts 35
A Halloween party is highlighted by Kelly's bewitching costume - and lowlighted by someone's reaction to it. Meanwhile, other twins give Brandon and Emily a scare; and David and Scott remember the "good old days."
14 The Next Fifty Years 7 NOVEMBER 1991 K. Rosin/C. Rosin 36
Donna and David save a party from being a social disaster, but they're powerless against an accident that ends the party — and a life.
15 U4EA 14 NOVEMBER 1991 Allison Adler 37
Emily leads the gang to an underground club, where she leads Brandon against his will on a journey with financial and emotional costs.
16 My Desperate Valentine 21 NOVEMBER 1991 Michael Swerdlick 38
Hard to do, but it must be done, so Brandon breaks up with Emily, who doesn't take it gracefully. Meanwhile, Brenda and Dylan declare a night be filled with music instead of making out.
17 Chuckie's Back 12 DECEMBER 1991 Wasserman/Klein/Swerdlick 39
Steve is bothered by the appearance of his old nemesis Chuck Wilson, the former child actor who starred in the TV series Hartley House with his mother, Samantha, who is asked to appear in a reunion TV show
18 A Walsh Family Christmas 19 DECEMBER 1991 Darren Star 40
Steve arrives in New Mexico to begin his search for his long lost biological mother, while his adoptive mother, Samantha, worries at home. As does Kelly while the gang prepares for Christmas
19 Fire and Ice 9 JANUARY 1992 Carl Sautter 41
Brandon becomes a pleasant distraction for a figure skater with Olympian goals; backstabbing is included in Brenda's tutoring in retail-sales skills
20 A Competitive Edge 23 JANUARY 1992 C. Rosin/Roberts/Brooks West 42
Brandon trades his reporter's pen for track shoes, until he smells a story he can't — and shouldn't — ignore. And Brenda's minor accident turns major when the woman she bumped claims whiplash.
21 Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout It 6 FEBRUARY 1992 K. Rosin/C. Rosin 43
The condom distribution program at school has many talking, some writing and one most adamant — until there's an unkind comment from an unlikely source.
22 And Baby Makes Five 13 FEBRUARY 1992 Wasserman/Klein 44
Dylan keeps mum about Valentine plans for Brenda, but no one keeps quiet about Kelly's mom and David's dad, each the last to know what's going on with the other.
23 Cardio Funk 27 FEBRUARY 1992 Wasserman/Klein 45
Separate admirers court attention from Brenda and Dylan, neither of whom is fully forthcoming with that news. And Jim gets hooked on Karaoke.
24 The Pit and the Pendulum 19 MARCH 1992 L. Barber/P. Barber 46
Brenda and Brandon take opposite sides after learning Jim's new client plans a multimillion-dollar development that would absorb the Peach Pit.
25 Meeting Mr. Pony 2 APRIL 1992 Roberts/Semple 47
Brenda projects control after facing an armed robber at the Pit, but there's a different woman beneath the surface.
26 Things To Do On A Rainy Day 23 APRIL 1992 Roberts/Semple 48
Donna sees more than she wants to on a pilgrimage to the hotel housing Color Me Badd, while Dylan, Steve and Brandon see less than they want of their in-your-home erotic dancer.
27 Standoff 30 APRIL 1992 Wasserman/Klein 49
Brenda crosses the border with Dylan, against her folks' demands. Kelly finds Dylan's friend Jake eases her new-family fears.
28 Wedding Bell Blues 7 MAY 1992 Darren Star 50
Mount Jimbo erupts, banning Dylan from the Walsh home, which is suddenly the site for the wedding of Mel and Jackie. Andrea nurses hurt feelings when her wedding invitation fails to arrive. Meanwhile, Kelly mourns the departure of Jake.

Season 3 (1992-93)[]

Main article: Season 3
1 Misery Loves Company 15 JULY 1992 Wasserman/Klein 51
Brenda defies her father by continuing to see Dylan; Brandon returns to work at the beach club, where Andrea is a co-worker and his parents are new members; and Steve takes a job on a bet.
2 The Twins, The Trustee And The Very Big Trip 22 JULY 1992 Charles Rosin 52
Kelly's sudden embrace of family values leads to a bridging of the gap between Brenda and her parents, but not before Jim plays hardball with Dylan; and twins turn the tables on a thoughtless Steve.
3 Too Little, Too Late/Paris 75001 29 JULY 1992 Semple & Roberts/K. Rosin 53
Dylan's father asks him for a favor; Brenda and Donna get a less than dazzling welcome to the City of Light; Brandon is surprised by his reaction when Andrea is invited to Houston for the summer.
4 Sex, Lies and Volleyball/Photo Fini 5 AUGUST 1992 Brancato & Biller/K. Rosin 54
Brandon and Steve share affections for the same woman. Dylan and Kelly enjoy more than volleyball. Steve finds an off-court serve.
5 Shooting Star/American in Paris 12 AUGUST 1992 Wasserman & Klein/K. Rosin 55
Brenda feigns being French while falling for an American (Dean Cain) in Paris. Meanwhile, Brandon falls for a hard-luck story.
6 Castles In The Sand 19 AUGUST 1992 Ann Donahue 56
Brenda gets a funny vibe from Dylan upon her return, while Brandon sees little amusement in Brooke's bigotry.
7 A Song of Myself 9 SEPTEMBER 1992 Brancato/Biller 57
Andrea's not so hot on the Blaze's new faculty advisor; Brenda and Steve are "senior buddies" to new freshmen; Kelly seeks to avoid lovebirds Brenda and Dylan.
8 The Back Story 16 SEPTEMBER 1992 Karen Rosin 58
Brenda discusses high-school life with a tabloid-TV show; Brandon sees too much of Nikki; an academic short cut tempts Steve.
9 Highwire 23 SEPTEMBER 1992 Star Frohman 59
While Andrea dreams of Yale and Steve hopes for USC, Donna finds a school, Brandon and Brenda fight about who will go out of state, and Kelly and Dylan agree college isn't for everyone.
10 Home and Away 7 OCTOBER 1992 Chip Johannessen 60
Brandon goes out on an editorial limb after the school board cancels West Beverly's football game with a school whose last game erupted in fatal violence.
11 A Presumption of Innocence 21 OCTOBER 1992 Karen Rosin 61
Meyers's future is on the line over a sexual-misconduct charge, but he's more concerned about the future of his accuser. Meanwhile, surfing becomes hazardous to Dylan's health; and Brandon hits the dance floor.
12 Destiny Rides Again 4 NOVEMBER 1992 Wasserman/Klein 62
Fate touches Brenda; random tragedy strikes Andrea; and Donna gets advice from her priest and comedienne Rosie O'Donnell. Meanwhile, SAT scores have Steve recruiting help and Dylan under fire.
13 Rebel With A Cause 11 NOVEMBER 1992 Star Frohman 63
Steve stays close to the computer-tampering investigation; Brenda sees Dylan with Kelly; Cindy meets Jim's new secretary (Paula Trickey).
14 Wild Horses 18 NOVEMBER 1992 Kenneth Biller 64
Nikki's ex is trouble for Brandon - and Nikki; Donna demands peace between Brenda and Kelly; Dylan finds sanctuary with an older woman, who thinks money can buy everything.
15 The Kindness of Strangers 25 NOVEMBER 1992 Wasserman/Klein 65
Dylan's not the most congenial of hosts when his father gets a Thanksgiving furlough, nor is Jim thrilled to entertain Brandon's homeless acquaintance; Steve seeks the best time to break his bad news to his mom.
16 It's A Totally Happening Life 16 DECEMBER 1992 K. Rosin/C. Rosin 66
Two angels look on as Andrea gets good news and bad news in the mail; Brandon gets bad news in person; Kelly, Brenda and Dylan try a "mature" approach to their triangular friendship; and all head for disaster en route to a Christmas party for underprivileged kids.
17 The Game Is Chicken 6 JANUARY 1993 Chip Johannessen 67
Dylan cautions Steve and Brandon about putting their money on a hot rodder; Brenda and Kelly have a double date with Princeton men.
18 Midlife... Now What? 13 JANUARY 1992 Lana Freistat Melman 68
On a women's weekend away, Cindy fears "mid-life crisis" might strike Jim, but it appears someone else has already succumbed. Meanwhile, Dylan imagines futures with Brenda or Kelly.
19 Back In The High Life Again 27 JANUARY 1993 Wasserman/Klein 69
Kelly is Dylan's only friend to attend a party for his freed father, who has an eye on - and wants a hand in - Dylan's trust fund; David finds a home after his father moves out.
20 Parental Guidance Recommended 3 FEBRUARY 1993 Chip Johannessen 70
Dylan's mother arrives with good thoughts for Brenda, but nary a one for Dylan's father; Andrea has an intimidating first look at Yalies.
21 Dead End 10 FEBRUARY 1993 Star Frohman 71
Someone's watching over Dylan and his father, but no longer Jim; and Brenda thrives in a self-defense class. Meanwhile, finances force Kelly's mother to put her house up for sale.
22 The Child Is Father To The Man 17 FEBRUARY 1993 K. Rosin/C. Rosin 72
The Walshes offer sanctuary to Dylan, who learns more about his father's parole, and struggles with urges to go back to old habits.
23 Duke's Bad Boy 3 MARCH 1993 Wasserman/Klein 737
Brandon bets with another bookie to win money to pay off Duke; Andrea tries to ease Dylan's distress; David pays for going with his music producer instead of his gut; Kelly thinks she has a weight problem.
24 Perfectly Perfect 24 MARCH 1993 Gillian Horvath 74
At Kelly's surprise 18th-birthday party, the guests get an even bigger surprise from Kelly. Meanwhile, Steve badgers Brandon into joining him on a dating-game show.
25 Senior Poll 7 APRIL 1993 Chip Johannessen 75
'Most Beautiful' senior Kelly fears no one's looking beneath her surface; Brenda reconsiders her college choice; Steve forgets he's dateless when he shines at one of L.A.'s hippest venues.
26 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 21 APRIL 1993 Ken Stringer 76
Brenda, Andrea, Kelly, Donna and David go to Magic Mountain for Senior Ditch Day. Brandon has to work, while Dylan studies and a restless Steve tries to impress a tour guide, who is not who she seems to be.
27 A Night To Remember 28 APRIL 1993 Wasserman/Klein 77
As prom night approaches, neither Brenda nor Brandon has a date, but Donna and David have big plans.
28 Something In The Air 12 MAY 1993 Wasserman/Klein 78
Brandon leads other in taking a risk with some '60s-style activism after Donna is censured in a disciplinary hearing regarding her prom-night activity
29 Commencement: Part 1 19 MAY 1993 K. Rosin/C. Rosin 79
Finally, graduation day! But not before... Steve proposes the gang do "something special"; Andrea frets about her valedictory speech and her college choice, as does Brenda; Dylan gets a windfall and a surprise visit from his mother; Donna and David emcee the Senior Breakfast; and all recall memorable moments.
30 Commencement: Part 2 19 MAY 1993 Charles Rosin 80
A day they'll always remember. An event you'll never forget.

Season 4 (1993-94)[]

Main article: Season 4
1 So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye 8 SEPTEMBER 1993 Charles Rosin 81
Brenda leaves for Minnesota; David seeks affordable housing; Steve's attention to an old friend (Robia LaMorte) irks Celeste.
2 The Girl From New York City 15 SEPTEMBER 1993 Wasserman/Klein 82
Brenda finds that more than the weather is inclement in Minnesota; Brandon learns why Jill (Robia LaMorte) wants to move slowly; Kelly tells Donna about her breakup with Dylan.
3 The Little Fish 22 SEPTEMBER 1993 Larry Mollin 83
College registration is too much for Dylan; David, Donna and Andrea try to continue their media activities; Steve talks up frat life to Brandon.
4 Greek To Me 29 SEPTEMBER 1993 Chip Johannessen 84
Rush week bores Brenda; stereotypes Andrea; reunites Kelly with an old flame; exhausts Donna; and shows Brandon that politics and frat-boy living don't mix.
5 Radio Daze 6 OCTOBER 1993 Richard Gollance 85
Steve decides that Celeste is detrimental to his social life: Donna wants to dump her radio show to keep up in school; and Dylan doesn't deter Kelly's persistent admirer.
6 Strangers In The Night 13 OCTOBER 1993 Jennifer Flackett 86
Andrea finds romance with Dan (Matthew Porretta); Brenda has a blind date (David Gail); Dylan gets the "let's date other people" speech.
7 Moving Targets 20 OCTOBER 1993 Larry Mollin 87
Dylan considers buying a gun; Andrea seeks to "go public" with Dan (Matthew Porretta); the Walshes get closer to Stuart and his parents.
8 Twenty Years Ago Today 27 OCTOBER 1993 Wasserman/Klein 88
The 20th-anniversary party for Cindy and Jim includes a big announcement about another romance. Meanwhile, Brandon receives two warnings from Dylan, one regarding Brenda's boyfriend.
9 Otherwise Engaged 3 NOVEMBER 1993 Jennifer Flackett 89
Legal matters intrude on Brenda's happiness, and on David and Kelly's relationship; Brandon learns something surprising about Lucinda; guilt finds Steve after he does a favor for a frat brother.
10 And Did It... My Way 10 NOVEMBER 1993 Richard Gollance 90
Brenda and Stuart plan to elope to Las Vegas, where Brenda's friends hope to bring her to her senses.
11 Take Back The Night 17 NOVEMBER 1993 Chip Johannessen 91
Sears insults Kelly when she rejects his advances, but the incident pales in comparison with another student's story - which sounds like date rape. Meanwhile, Brandon is threatened by the hoopster he's tutoring; Brenda and Dylan disagree over a "romantic" poem.
12 Radar Love 24 NOVEMBER 1993 Wasserman/Klein 92
Steve thwarts Sears' libidinous plans at a Thanksgiving charity event; Brandon's wanderlust becomes a quest to find an old friend; Andrea gets a bonus while dining with Dan and his parents; Dylan's change of holiday plans angers Kelly.
13 Emily 1 DECEMBER 1993 Wasserman/Klein 93
Brandon discusses the future with Emily (Christine Elise); Brenda takes a chance in her theatrical debut; Steve, Kelly and Donna go through Hell Week.
14 Windstruck 15 DECEMBER 1993 Mollin/Gollance 94
Dreams inspire Donna to make David's dream come true; Brandon plays hardball to help Steve, who gets no help from his "brothers"; Jesse makes more of an impression on Andrea.
15 Somewhere In The World It's Christmas 22 DECEMBER 1993 Charles Rosin 95
Memories of Christmases past are recalled as the Walsh family says aloha to L.A. — twice; Dylan is touched by the holiday spirit of two lost souls; Steve seeks paternal advice for his fraternal situation; Andrea frets about attending her first midnight Mass with Jesse.
16 Crunch Time 5 JANUARY 1994 Gollance/Mollin 96
Friends note his odd behavior after David takes drugs to get through finals; Steve and Sears officially square off over the break-in incident; Dylan offers Suzanne financial aid.
17 Thicker Than Water 12 JANUARY 1994 Lana Freistat Melman 97
A ski trip offers Donna an alternative to David, who finds an alternative source for drugs and brings about a nightmare for his family; Dylan calls on Cindy when Erica has a crisis; Jim's background check on Suzanne pays off.
18 Heartbreaker 26 JANUARY 1994 Chip Johannessen 98
Brandon is appointed to an education task force with input to Washington; Dylan uses CPR to save a friend; David comes clean with Donna; Jesse shares his good news, prompting Andrea to keep hers to herself; Cindy enters a masters program at the university.
19 The Labors of Love 2 FEBRUARY 1994 Welch/Pettit 99
Jesse disagrees with the choice Andrea makes without him; drugs cost David his roommates and more; Brandon feels left out when Dylan becomes the struggling Peach Pits's white knight, but finds some solace with an old flame.
20 Scared Very Straight 9 FEBRUARY 1994 Gary Rosen 100
Jesse meets Andrea's grandmother; Dylan's cool head helps when the heat's on David, who's left holding the bag when his dealer is busted; Brandon keeps his Valentine a secret, while Brenda's is kept secret from her.
21 Addicted To Love 16 FEBRUARY 1994 Mollin/Gollance 101
A reporter seeks "the truth" about Brandon, who is complemented by Kelly at an important social function; Dylan becomes valuable to Lucinda; a small mistake leads to big complications between Brenda and Stuart.
22 Change Partners 23 FEBRUARY 1994 Chip Johannessen 102
Kelly accompanies Brandon on a task-force weekend retreat; Brenda and Donna learn why a friendly dog is a stray; Lucinda shows Dylan her film - and her apartment; Steve negotiates to stay in the dorm after breaking Andrea's rules.
23 A Pig Is A Boy Is A Dog 2 MARCH 1994 Gollance/Mollin 103
Brenda takes radical action after hearing bad news about Rocky; more people learn about Brandon and Lucinda; Kelly's classroom queries to Lucinda take on a personal tone; Steve bears the brunt of it when Dylan and Brandon nearly come to blows.
24 Cuffs and Links 16 MARCH 1994 Wasserman/Klein 104
Barry Bonds plays the golf nemesis of Steve's father, who tees off his son when they tee up in a tournament. Meanwhile, legalities make Brenda an outcast of sorts, and Jim learns that she's not the only twin in trouble; and Kelly picks the wrong time to express feelings of jealousy.
25 The Time Has Come Today 23 MARCH 1994 Charles Rosin 105
Brenda sees a lot of herself - and her family and friends - in a diary that tells the story of a complex young woman and her ROTC-member brother who lived in the Walshes' home in the late 1960s.
26 Blind Spot 6 APRIL 1994 Ken Stringer 106
David's piano teacher arouses jealousy in Donna; Donna and Kelly hustle to find male models for a fund-raising calendar; Steve stumbles upon a frat brother's secret, but fails to keep it to himself.
27 Divas 20 APRIL 1994 Larry Mollin 107
Brenda hopes to impress a visiting Broadway director, while Steve coaches a competitor for a lead role; an ardent admirer won't take no from Brandon; Suzanne's new boyfriend is cut no slack by her daughter.
28 Acting Out 27 APRIL 1994 Chip Johannessen 108
Clare finally has a wild night with Brandon; Andrea has a medical emergency while Jesse's away; Kelly's past and Laura's costuming give each an advantage over Brenda in the Maggie-the-Cat competition.
29 Truth and Consequences 4 MAY 1994 Richard Gollance 109
Laura tries to sabotage Brenda's acting career after hearing a rumor about her means of success; Clare plans further fun with Brandon, who speaks to her father about her; Kevin impresses Dylan and Erica when they visit his lab.
30 Vital Signs 11 MAY 1994 Larry Mollin 110
Brandon's time with Clare may have cost him a chance to meet the President; Andrea is hospitalized; Brenda gets an opening-night gift; Dylan considers investing in Kevin; David sees danger in working with a new band.
31 Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington (1) 25 MAY 1994 Wasserman/Klein/C. Rosin 111
Brenda gets a chance to study abroad; Clare surprises Brandon on his trip to Washington, D.C.; Dylan's ill-advised business decision angers Jim.
32 Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington (2) 25 MAY 1994 Wasserman/Klein/C. Rosin 112
Andrea and Jesse have some tense moments with their newborn; Brenda is offered a chance to study abroad; Dylan's ill-advised business decision angers Jim; David impresses singer Babyface and others with his keyboard play; Brandon needs -and gets- rescuing in the Capital.

Season 5 (1994-95)[]

Main article: Season 5
1 What I Did on My Summer Vacation and Other Stories 7 SEPTEMBER 1994 C. Rosin/Mollin 113
The Walshes welcome a young family friend who's moving into Brenda's room. Meanwhile, the post-summer news: Donna declares she's over David; Steve decides to pursue Kelly anew, unaware that she's with Brandon; and Dylan's dilemma sends him back to the bottle.
2 Under The Influence 14 SEPTEMBER 1994 Chip Johannessen 114
Brandon is offered a chance to run for campus office; the university's day-care program leaves Andrea wanting; cash-poor Dylan creates a scene after learning that Kelly and Brandon are a couple; Donna decides to go to Houston to be a debutante.
3 A Clean Slate 21 SEPTEMBER 1994 Richard Gollance 115
Valerie and Dylan meet - and then some; campus politics beleaguer Brandon, who shines at a debate, but a scandal threatens to tarnish his reputation; Kelly and Donna's new roommate has a problem.
4 Life After Death 28 SEPTEMBER 1994 Wasserman/Klein 116
Brandon has trouble handling his personal loss and a challenge to his political position; Valerie agrees to ground rules with Dylan; David finds a woman too close to home for Donna's liking, until she finds a new man herself.
5 Rave On 5 OCTOBER 1994 Larry Mollin 117
Steve revitalizes The Peach Pit; babysitting for Andrea inspires Cindy to check her biological clock; Kelly's senses alert her to be suspicious of Valerie; Donna makes a new friend in a video project with David and Clare.
6 Homecoming 12 OCTOBER 1994 Meredith Stiehm 118
President Walsh is pressed into action against the chancellor's friend, a visiting Asian dignitary accused of human-rights violations. Meanwhile, Valerie helps plan the theft of a rival college's mascot, but Donna skips the caper to spend time with Ray.
7 Who's Zoomin' Who? 19 OCTOBER 1994 Karen Rosin 119
Kelly's disapproval of her mother's return to modelling increases when she learns her baby sister is involved; a proposed Peach Pit expansion leads to an exposure of Dylan's finances; Donna has trouble balancing Griffin and Ray; David's experiment with Clare backfires.
8 Things That Go Bang In The Night 26 OCTOBER 1994 Chip Johannessen 120
Andrea's not pleased to see the gift Hannah received at a Day of the Dead celebration; Valerie fails to bewitch Dylan, who slips deeper into a nether world; Donna's haunted when her suitors cross paths on Halloween; Clare talks David into a UFO hunt.
9 Intervention 2 NOVEMBER 1994 Wasserman/Klein 121
Dylan enters a hospital after his friends conduct an intervention; Kelly gets a modelling offer; Ray meets Donna's parents; David and Clare's homemade video shows up in another home.
10 The Dreams of Dylan McKay 9 NOVEMBER 1994 Charles Rosin 122
Bizarre dreams mirror Dylan's fight for life as he lies in a coma. Meanwhile, Steve's more bothered than buoyed by the appearance of his dad at a flag-football tournament.
11 Hate Is Just A Four-Letter Word 16 NOVEMBER 1994 C. Rosin/Gollance 123
Brandon is caught in the middle when Jewish students protest the scheduled campus appearance of a controversial African-American orator; and a demonstration disrupts Kelly's photo shoot.
12 Rock Of Ages 23 NOVEMBER 1994 Larry Mollin 124
Kelly and Steve get VIP passes for a Rolling Stones concert. Ray and Donna pose as vendors to get in to the show. Clare and David go to check out the hoopla. Meanwhile, Jesse helps Pres. Walsh prepare for a challenge. Dylan has a rough time in group.
13 Up In Flames 30 NOVEMBER 1994 Meredith Stiehm 125
The arrival of Emily Valentine brings some tense moments for Brandon - and Kelly. Valerie helps Steve and Griffin organize another rave party, but the building Griffin finds isn't up to snuff.
14 Injustice For All 14 DECEMBER 1994 Karen Rosin 126
Steve and Griffin face charges as a result of the fire. Meanwhile, Jesse takes his first case to court. Dylan receives an important message when he gets out of rehab.
15 Christmas Comes This Time Each Year 21 DECEMBER 1994 Eisenberg/Wasserman/Klein 127
Donna's mother (Katherine Cannon) puts Ray to the test; family traditions cause tension between Jesse and Andrea; Dylan gets a present from the FBI.
16 Sentenced To Life 4 JANUARY 1995 Wasserman/Klein/Ziering 128
Milton Berle plays an ex-entertainer who lives in the retirement home where Steve is to perform his community service. Meanwhile, Dylan goes to court over his accident. Andrea has a run-in with Peter. News of Valerie's sunny vacation prompts a cool response from Kelly.
17 Sweating It Out 11 JANUARY 1995 Chip Johannessen 129
Dylan and Brandon take a road trip; Kelly takes a psychology workshop; Donna helps Ray over his stage fright; the Peach Pit After Dark opens.
18 Hazardous To Your Health 18 JANUARY 1995 Larry Mollin 130
Dylan recruits Valerie to help pull off a caper to regain his lost loot --- and his little sister.
19 Little Monsters 1 FEBRUARY 1995 Meredith Stiehm 131
A record-company rep shows interest in Ray (Jamie Walters); Valerie seeks a reward for helping Dylan; Andrea flirts with danger while Jesse's away.
20 You Gotta Have Heart 8 FEBRUARY 1995 Max Eisenberg 132
Steve secures singing group Jade for a telethon. Valerie moves out of the Walshes' --- and in on Ray; Brandon coaxes Kelly away from Finley (Alan Toy); Andrea meets Peter's wife (Terri Hawkes).
21 Stormy Weather 15 FEBRUARY 1995 Melman/Mollin 133
Andrea gets a job at Peter's hospital; Valerie refuses to accept Ray's "no"; Dylan does reconnaissance on Kelly and Finley (Alan Toy).
22 Alone At The Top 22 FEBRUARY 1995 Wasserman/Klein 134
A crime wave hits the campus: a rape worries everyone. Peter tempts Andrea to stay out late, and Valerie tempts Dylan to go off the wagon. Ray decides to leave town after a change of ownership at the club.
23 Love Hurts 1 MARCH 1995 Stringer/Mollin 135
Dylan accidentally becomes privy to Andrea's romance. Valerie cancels Ray's bookings after taking over the Peach Pit After Dark. Despite his innocence, Lenny becomes an outcast at CU. The real campus rapist ends up at the beach apartment. Donna blames David for Ray's departure. The Flaming Lips have a cameo.
24 Unreal World 15 MARCH 1995 Stiehm/Mollin 136
Andrea contemplates telling Jesse about her fling; Valerie moves back in with the Walshes; friends appear in Clare and David's cinéma-vérité.
25 Double Jeopardy 29 MARCH 1995 McCarthy/Sarkar 137
"Jeopardy" host Alex Trebek and announcer Johnny Gilbert have cameos as Brandon and Clare compete to be in the show's college tournament; Andrea and Jesse talk divorce; Jackie and Mel reconcile.
26 A Song For My Mother 5 APRIL 1995 Max Eisenberg 138
Donna visits Ray in Portland, where David follows a disturbing trail left by his mother (Caroline Lagerfelt); Dylan undergoes hypnosis to research his screenplay.
27 Squash It 12 APRIL 1995 Savath/Mollin 139
David returns to the stage with a new partner (Vicellous Shannon); Brandon plays tour guide to a genius coveted by the university; Dylan has a disturbing experience in hypnotic regression.
28 Girls On The Side 3 MAY 1995 Meredith Stiehm 140
Kelly becomes a cover girl, but hesitates to continue modeling. Kelly also learns of an admirer. When Ray comes home, his mother tells David and Clare about his betrayal of Donna. Jesse is offered a position in Idaho. Dylan continues dream therapy.
29 The Real McCoy 10 MAY 1995 C. Rosin/Mollin 141
While Kelly's in New York to meet with modeling agencies, Valerie sets her sights on Brandon. It appears Brandon will surely be re-elected for student president. Hypnotic regression leads Dylan to a past life where he is a gun-slinging Wild West outlaw.
30 Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills 17 MAY 1995 Wasserman/Klein 142
Dylan and Brandon make separate proposals to Kelly; Jim gets important news regarding his future with his firm; Ray and Donna have a fight at Andrea's going-away party.
31 P.S. I Love You: Part 1 24 MAY 1995 Mollin/Johannessen 143
In Palm Springs, Brandon considers surrendering to Valerie; Steve rejects a blind date arranged by his father; Dylan meets a backer for his film.
32 P.S. I Love You: Part 2 24 MAY 1995 Mollin/Johannessen 144
Conclusion. Kelly gets a chilly reception from Brandon; Donna is injured in a fight with Ray; Dylan learns that Tom Rose knows something about his father's death.

Season 6 (1995-96)[]

Main article: Season 6
1 Home Is Where The Tart Is 13 SEPTEMBER 1995 Wasserman/Klein 145
Dylan determines to find his father's killer; Valerie's friend warms to Brandon; a huge party is held to bid farewell to "Casa Walsh."
2 Buffalo Gals 13 SEPTEMBER 1995 Lyons/Wells 146
Cash and jewelry disappear from the Walsh house; Dylan stalks his father's killer; Colin chooses work over Kelly's birthday party; Valerie maneuvers herself into everyone's good graces.
3 Must Be A Guy Thing 20 SEPTEMBER 1995 John Eisendrath 147
Dylan meets the daughter of his father's killer; Brandon matches wits with the college paper's editor; Ray gets a big audition and Colin gets a big canvas, both at Valerie's club.
4 Everything's Coming Up Roses 27 SEPTEMBER 1995 Dinah Kirgo 148
Brandon and Susan cover the Tournament of Roses Royal Court tryouts, in which Kelly, Donna and Clare are candidates; Ray gives a performance for the record-company president and his daughter.
5 Lover's Leap 4 OCTOBER 1995 Ken Stringer 149
The incident with David's mother brings back memories for Valerie and turns David into a recluse; Brandon negotiates a date with Susan; Toni invites Dylan's friends to a dinner party; Bruno informs Dylan that he knew Dylan's father.
6 Speechless 18 OCTOBER 1995 Larry Mollin 150
Dylan faces off with Mr. Marchette; Kelly, Donna, Clare and Valerie vow to have "no secrets" on their road trip; Steve arranges for a film to be shot at the Walsh house
7 Violated 25 OCTOBER 1995 Larry Mollin 151
Valerie gets special attention from her marketing professor; Toni's father forces her to choose between him and Dylan; Claudia comes between Kelly and Colin.
8 Halloween VI 1 NOVEMBER 1995 McCarthy/Sarkar 152
Toni queries her father about Dylan's dad; David invests in a love potion; Ray reacts to Donna's new romantic interest.
9 Earthquake Weather 6 NOVEMBER 1995 Lyons/Wells 153
An earthquake traps Susan and Brandon in an elevator with a pregnant woman; Donna gets a warning from Ray's therapist; friends are rocked by Dylan's announcement about his future.
10 One Wedding And A Funeral 8 NOVEMBER 1995 Steve Wasserman 154
Parties celebrate the betrothal of Dylan and Toni; Marchette requests a meeting with Dylan after failing to dissuade Toni from her marital plans.
11 Offensive Interference 15 NOVEMBER 1995 Larry Mollin 155
J.J. Jones seeks Valerie's help in a divorce case; Ray charges Joe with battery over their Halloween encounter --- resulting in Joe's suspension from CU's homecoming game; Steve leads a group who are out to foil the rival school's homecoming prank.
12 Breast Side Up 22 NOVEMBER 1995 Jessica Klein 156
For Joe's birthday, Donna arranges an appearance by NFL QB Steve Young, one of two surprises she has planned; the absence of their significant others on Thanksgiving weighs on Brandon and Kelly; Steve's a hit at Clare's father's faculty party.
13 Courting 29 NOVEMBER 1995 John Eisendrath 157
Brandon gets a national byline for his coverage of Joe's trial, where Donna is caught in a lie. Meanwhile, Valerie blabs about Brandon and Kelly.
14 Fortunate Son 13 DECEMBER 1995 John Eisendrath 158
Donna covers for Lisa at her convenience-store job; Steve begins an internship at a talent agency; an old problem surfaces for Brandon at a casino-night fund-raiser.
15 Angels We Have Heard On High 20 DECEMBER 1995 Larry Mollin 159
Christmastime... Cindy Walsh comes home for the holiday --- without Jim; Colin celebrates the Yule on cocaine; Steve's Christmas curse continues when another's error costs him his job and incurs the wrath of his father.
16 Turn Back The Clock 3 JANUARY 1996 Larry Mollin 160
New Year's Eve tales include... stories of Steve's rowdy stepbrothers; Joe's pursuit of Donna's escaped bird; and the return of Susan's boyfriend --- the one before Brandon.
17 Fade In, Fade Out 10 JANUARY 1996 Jessica Klein 161
Kelly's father arrives intending to stay; Kelly again catches Colin on cocaine; Joe makes a professional call on Donna's father.
18 Snowbound 17 JANUARY 1996 John Whelpley 162
Joe's condition becomes an issue between Brandon and Susan; Valerie shares her suspicion that Kelly's using cocaine; Clare and Steve go to traffic school and wind up on a TV talk show.
19 Nancy’s Choice 31 JANUARY 1996 John Eisendrath 163
Jonathan Casten returns to town; Valerie acts as Colin's agent with an art collector; Clare refuses to believe Steve's story about an "old flame". Former astronaut Pete Conrad has a cameo.
20 Flying 7 FEBRUARY 1996 Phil Savath 164
Kelly's roommates find her cocaine in their apartment, prompting her to move out; Valerie's old --- and unwelcome --- friend Ginger (Elisa Donovan) returns to town, breaking their deal; Joe becomes a minor casualty during a biplane flight with Jonathan, Brandon and Steve.
21 Bleeding Hearts 14 FEBRUARY 1996 Lana Freistat Melman 165
Clare bets Steve he can't fulfill his pledge of 24 hours of celibacy; Valerie sets up Ginger (Elisa Donovan) with Jonathan; Kelly lands in trouble on her quest for cocaine.
22 All This and Mary Too 21 FEBRUARY 1996 Sam Sarkar 166
Kelly gets a roommate in rehab; Susan and Brandon ski into trouble while racing; Colin and Valerie keep each other company.
23 Leap of Faith 28 FEBRUARY 1996 Ken Stringer 167
Brandon meets Susan's parents; Joe's brother (Bruce Thomas) is wary of Joe's planned surgery; Kelly reacts to the news that Valerie is seeing Colin, who lives to regret doing a favor for his dealer.
24 Coming Out, Getting Out, Going Out 13 MARCH 1996 John Whelpley 168
Valerie arranges bail for Colin; Kelly comes home from rehab; Clare and Susan try to rekindle the romance between Nat and his lost love (Julie Parrish).
25 Smashed 20 MARCH 1996 Meredith Stiehm 169
Tara (Paige Moss) becomes Kelly's housemate; Steve's stepbrothers disrupt a party; Colin makes a deal for minimum jail time.
26 Flirting With Disaster 3 APRIL 1996 John Eisendrath 170
On a wilderness outing, three comely campers distract Steve, Joe and Brandon from their dates. Meanwhile, Tara sabotages Kelly's relationship with Greg; Colin's father visits.
27 Strike The Match 10 APRIL 1996 Steve Wasserman 171
Donna's video-production work with David lands her in front of the camera and in trouble with Joe; Brandon's job opportunity could sink his plans with Susan for the summer and perhaps beyond.
28 The Big Hurt 1 MAY 1996 Larry Mollin 172
Steve is impressed by Clare's childhood chum, an actual prince; Colin receives his sentence after his attorney (Kevin Scannell) makes a deal with the DA; Tara tries to end Kelly's "pain."
29 Ticket To Ride 8 MAY 1996 Stiehm/Whelpley 173
Susan and Brandon hit the lottery for $5000 --- then lose the ticket; Val's left hanging when Colin bails on going to jail; a fall leaves Steve speechless.
30 Ray of Hope 15 MAY 1996 Savath/Klein 174
Ray Pruit surfaces --- as Donna and David's first video assignment for MZA; Colin prepares to leave the country, and Valerie asks Kelly for help in finding him; Joe decides on a new course for his life, and, he hopes, Donna's.
31 You Say It's Your Birthday (1) 22 MAY 1996 Mollin/Wasserman 175
Goo Goo Dolls entertains at Steve's birthday bash; Valerie gets FBI help to find Colin.
32 You Say It's Your Birthday (2) 22 MAY 1996 Mollin/Wasserman 176
Abandoned by their respective mates, Steve and Brandon go to a dockside bar, where they get into a brawl --- and spot Colin.

Season 7 (1996-97)[]

Main article: Season 7
1 Remember The Alamo 21 August 1996 Larry Mollin 177
Brandon encounters bigots while traveling through Texas; and Donna and David find that their video work - and renewed romance - may have a short run.
2 Here We Go Again 28 August 1996 Steve Wasserman 178
Clare is stunned by Steve's past with Kelly, who learns there's more to the story than she knew; Kenny puts a social spin on his business with Valerie; Kelly starts working at an AIDS hospice; Brandon is recruited by the college TV station.
3 A Mate For Life 4 September 1996 John Whelpley 179
Brandon has the pleasant task of escorting Joan's dancer daugher Lily prior to Joan and Nat's wedding, which has a sudden change of venue; Kelly makes a friend (Michael Stoyanov) at the hospice; David is downsized after finding new digs.
4 Disappearing Act 11 September 1996 John Eisendrath 180
When David decides to quit school he not only has to deal with his father's disapproval but also his friends'. Brandon and Mark audition anchors for their news show, Kelly learns an important lesson about AIDS, and Valerie forces Kenny to choose between her and his wife.
5 Pledging My Love 18 September 1996 Phil Savath 181
Steve's "harmless prank" with his fraternity lands Brandon in hot water; Donna lobbies to get a jock into her sorority; Kelly takes Jimmy (Michael Stoyanov) on a religious journey.
6 Housewarming 25 September 1996 Jessica Klein 182
A Hollywood Hills brush fire stops a big party at Mark and David's, rekindles a bad memory for Kelly, and puts Donna in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Steve's flirtation results in serious consequences; and Valerie gives Kenny an ultimatum.
7 Fearless 30 October 1996 Larry Mollin 183
Steve declares war on Clare when she dates someone else; Donna's new fireman friend (Greg Vaughn) assists her sorority's Halloween event; Kenny (Joey Gian) is a no-show at the reopening of Valerie's club.
8 The Things We Do For Love 6 November 1996 Laurie McCarthy 184
David's giant windfall causes a rift with his father (Matthew Laurance); Kelly extends an olive branch to Valerie after learning of her condition; Steve rashly challenges Clare's new beau to a crew race; Tracy makes an overture to Brandon; Cliff (Greg Vaughn) reveals his future plans to Donna.
9 Loser Takes All 13 November 1996 John Eisendrath 185
Tipped off by Kelly, Brandon queries Kenny (Joey Gian) about his experience with Valerie and eventually gets the whole ugly story; sudden wealth burns a hole in David's pocket; Clare notes that preparing for the crew race makes Steve a changed man.
10 Lost in Las Vegas 20 November 1996 Steve Wasserman 186
While Ray Pruit (Jamie Walters) performs in Las Vegas, the town also welcomes the manic-mannered David, his guests Val, Steve and Clare, and his money, soon parted from a fool.
11 If I Had A Hammer 27 November 1996 John Whelpley 187
After a bizarre outburst, David undergoes psychiatric observation; Kelly and Mark have a less than excellent Thanksgiving adventure; and not even Chancellor Arnold (Nicholas Pryor) can save Steve from his latest error.
12 Judgement Day 11 December 1996 Phil Savath 188
Steve's guilty plea averts a hearing for him, but Prof. Randall (Scott Paulin) pursues a case against Brandon, who's innocent; David hedges on buying into Valerie's club; Donna clashes with her mother (Katherine Cannon) over David; Kelly throws a surprise party for Mark's birthday.
13 Gift Wrapped 18 December 1996 Christine Elise 189
Valerie and Kelly are paired in the Christmas gift exchange; Kelly gets a big surprise from her father; Steve's mom and Clare's pop (Christine Belford, Nicholas Pryor) get chummy; and David wants to get on the good side of Donna's mother (Katherine Cannon).
14 Jobbed 8 January 1997 Larry Mollin 190
An old friend from Buffalo (Kane Picoy) surprises Valerie; Brandon and Mark learn they've applied for the same prestigious job interview; Donna proves to be a lifesaver when she fills in at her dad's office.
15 The Phantom Of C.U. 15 January 1997 Steve Wasserman 191
Clare arranges a date for Kelly; Steve meets a prankster during his penance for cheating; Donna's stint on TV nets her an unwanted fan; David becomes suspicious of Tom (Kane Picoy).
16 Unnecessary Roughness 22 January 1997 John Whelpley 192
Tracy's old boyfriend (Cameron Hall) interrupts her weekend alone with Brandon at her parents' ranch; Steve leads frat brothers in a sewing circle to salvage an investment; Donna thinks she knows the identity of her stalker, who turns up the heat.
17 Face-Off 29 January 1997 Laurie McCarthy 193
Donna is denied a restraining order against Slan (David Bowe); Tracy lets slip those three little words to Brandon; Clare and Steve's weekend housesitting prompts talk of living together; affection between Tom and Kelly may add an extra dimension when Brandon and Tom face off in a hockey game.
18 We Interrupt This Program 5 February 1997 John Eisendrath 194
Donna's stalker makes his identity known - on TV, with a gun in his hand. Meanwhile, Steve and Clare try to cool the burgeoning romance between their parents (Christine Belford, Nicholas Pryor).
19 My Funny Valentine 12 February 1997 Jessica Klein 195
On Valentine's Day, an ex-beau surprises Donna; Valerie's mother (Michelle Phillips) visits; Steve commits yet another error with Clare; Valerie confesses a weakness to Kelly; Chloe (Natalia Cigliuti) opens for Luther Vandross at the Peach Pit After Dark; and Tracy gets a big surprise from Brandon.
20 With This Ring 19 February 1997 Phil Savath 196
Kelly learns the cause of the friction between Tracy and Brandon; Chloe gives David her opinion regarding Donna and Cliff (Greg Vaughn); Clare urges Steve to give his brother an advanced talk about the birds and the bees; Valerie's mother (Michelle Phillips) is told the facts behind her husband's suicide.
21 Straight Shooter 26 February 1997 Larry Mollin 197
A magazine writer (Suzanne Turner) hangs out with Valerie for a piece on L.A.'s cool people; Donna wavers between her two suitors; Clare and Kelly do some flirting in Palm Springs; a tragedy befalls Steve and Brandon's basketball partner.
22 A Ripe Young Age 5 March 1997 Steve Wasserman 198
David meets Donna's grandmother (June Lockhart), who tells them of the love of her life; Valerie befriends a hot new actor (Jason Lewis), while Kelly does the same with a youngster (Sam Saletta) she suspects is a runaway; Steve gets into a sticky situation regarding a class project.
23 Storm Warning 19 March 1997 John Whelpley 199
Storm Warning902101
Joey (Sam Saletta) returns to Kelly's place; Rob (Jason Lewis) asks Valerie's advice on a film script; spring-break plans separate Tracy and Brandon; David is present when Donna's father (Michael Durrell) is stricken ill; Steve is taken aback by Clare's contact with her male side, just as she hoped.
24 Spring Breakdown 2 April 1997 Eisendrath/Plageman 200
Spring Breakdown902101
In Hong Kong, Brandon's father (James Eckhouse) queries him about his feelings for Kelly, who, meanwhile, is at home drowning her sorrows. Elsewhere, Donna and her mother (Katherine Cannon) disagree about what's best for Dr. Martin's recovery; Valerie turns green after Rob's manager (Richard C. Hearst) pairs him with another client (Paige Rowland) for a big party.
25 Heaven Scent 9 April 1997 Whelpley/Mollin/Savath 201
Mariah, the writer whom Brandon met in Texas, comes to L.A. with her book on angels, and her quick kinship with Kelly bothers Tracy. Meanwhile, it's thumbs up for Rob's performance, but thumbs down for the rest of his movie; Clare has a computer crisis and blames Steve; David marks a special anniversary with Donna.
26 The Long Goodbye 16 April 1997 Ken Stringer 202
The long goodbye902101
After Brandon breaks up with Tracy, Valerie's meddling jeopardizes his future plans with Kelly; Donna spies her mother with an old flame at a campus talent show, where "shower singer" Clare takes the stage on a suggestion from Steve - who thinks the idea's all wet when he hears her.
27 I Only Have Eyes For You 23 April 1997 Laurie McCarthy 203
Valerie and Kelly each get a look at the other's journal, but only one takes the high road; a car-museum employee (Ken Weiler) sets up Steve and Brandon for a problematic ride in an electric car, which delays Brandon's attempt to fulfill a childhood dream for Kelly.
28 All That Jazz 30 April 1997 Savath/Mollin 204
David takes Donna on a one-night business trip to New Orleans, with unfortunate consequences; relations become strained between Steve's mother and Clare's father; Brandon nurses the flu-stricken Kelly and Valerie, who relive how they became enemies.
29 Mother's Day 7 May 1997 Jessica Klein 205
Mother's Day902101
Mother's Day is a tough time for Clare, who misses hers; and for Kelly, who fears she may be one. Meanwhile, Valerie schemes to get David to buy her out of their club.
30 Senior Week 14 May 1997 John Eisendrath 206
Steve's father doesn't offer the post-graduation future Steve had planned on; Kelly finds her dad with Valerie, who gets devastating news from Mr. Taylor; and Steve's further frustrated when Clare's pop asks her to move to Paris with him. Meanwhile, Kelly also receives disturbing medical news; and Donna flakes on her last final exam.
31 Graduation Day: Part 1 21 May 1997 Mollin/Savath 207
On the day before commencement, Kelly becomes determined to oust Valerie from the Walsh house (and out of town) and pressures Brandon to do so. Meanwhile, Donna decides it's time to move up to a new level of romance with David after getting advice from her grandmother. Steve plans to pull the "best senior prank" ever with some help from his frat brother, Muntz, as well as David.
32 Graduation Day: Part 2 21 May 1997 Mollin/Savath 208
Friends and family members gather for California University's Class of '97 graduation ceremonies. Valerie disrupts graduation day for Kelly, a day that also becomes flawed for Steve. In an attempt to win back his daughter's love, Bill Taylor throws the ultimate graduation party with The Cardigans performing.

Season 8 (1997-98)[]

Main article: Season 8
208 - 8.01 "Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 1" September 10, 1997 This is Carly Reynolds's first episode.
209 - 8.02 "Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 2" September 10, 1997 This is Noah Hunter's first episode.
210 - 8.03 "Forgive and Forget" September 17, 1997
211 - 8.04 "The Way We Weren't" September 24, 1997
212 - 8.05 "Coming Home" October 1, 1997
213 - 8.06 "The Right Thing" October 15, 1997
214 - 8.07 "Pride and Prejudice" October 22, 1997
215 - 8.08 "Toil and Trouble" October 8, 1997
216 - 8.09 "Friends, Lovers and Children" November 5, 1997
217 - 8.10 "Child of the Night" November 12, 1997
218 - 8.11 "Deadline" November 19, 1997
219 - 8.12 "Friends In Deed" December 3, 1997
220 - 8.13 "Comic Relief" December 10, 1997
221 - 8.14 "Santa Knows" December 17, 1997
222 - 8.15 "Ready or Not" January 7, 1998 This is Janet Sosna's first episode.
223 - 8.16 "Illegal Tender" January 14, 1998
224 - 8.17 "The Elephant's Father" January 21, 1998 This is Carly Reynolds's last episode.
225 - 8.18 "Rebound" January 28, 1998
226 - 8.19 "Crimes and Misdemeanors" February 4, 1998
227 - 8.20 "Cupid's Arrow" February 11, 1998
228 - 8.21 "The Girl Who Cried Wolf" February 25, 1998
229 - 8.22 "Law and Disorder" March 4, 1998
230 - 8.23 "Making Amends" March 11, 1998
231 - 8.24 "The Nature of Nurture" March 18, 1998
232 - 8.25 "Aunt Bea's Pickles" 25 March 1998
233 - 8.26 "All That Glitters" April 1, 1998
234 - 8.27 "Reunion" April 15, 1998
235 - 8.28 "Skin Deep" April 22, 1998
236 - 8.29 "Ricochet" May 6, 1998
237 - 8.30 "The Fundamental Things Apply" May 13, 1998
238 - 8.31 "The Wedding: Part 1" May 20, 1998
239 - 8.32 "The Wedding: Part 2" May 20, 1998

Season 9 (1998-99)[]

Main article: Season 9
240 - 9.01 "The Morning After" September 16, 1998 This is Janet Sosna's first episode as a series regular.
241 - 9.02 "Budget Cuts" September 23, 1998
242 - 9.03 "Dealer's Choice" September 30, 1998
243 - 9.04 "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" October 28, 1998 This is Matt Durning's first episode.
244 - 9.05 "Brandon Leaves" November 4, 1998 This is Brandon Walsh's last episode.
245 - 9.06 "Confession" November 11, 1998
246 - 9.07 "You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello" November 18, 1998 This is Valerie Malone's last episode. This is Gina Kincaid's first episode. Dylan McKay returns in this episode.
247 - 9.08 "I'm Back Because" December 2, 1998
248 - 9.09 "The Following Options" December 9, 1998
249 - 9.10 "Marathon Man" December 16, 1998
250 - 9.11 "How To Be The Jerk Women Love" January 13, 1999
251 - 9.12 "Trials and Tribulations" January 20, 1999
252 - 9.13 "Withdrawal" January 27, 1999
253 - 9.14 "I'm Married" February 3, 1999
254 - 9.15 "Beheading St. Valentine" February 10, 1999
255 - 9.16 "Survival Skills" February 17, 1999
256 - 9.17 "Slipping Away" March 3, 1999
257 - 9.18 "Bobbi Dearest" March 10, 1999
258 - 9.19 "The Leprechaun" March 17, 1999
259 - 9.20 "Fortune Cookie" April 7, 1999
260 - 9.21 "I Wanna Reach Out and Grab Ya" April 14, 1999
261 - 9.22 "Local Hero" April 21, 1999
262 - 9.23 "The End Of The World As We Know It" April 28, 1999
263 - 9.24 "Dog's Best Friend" May 5, 1999
264 - 9.25 "Agony" May 12, 1999
265 - 9.26 "That's The Guy" May 19, 1999

Season 10 (1999-2000)[]

Main article: Season 10
266 - 10.01 "The Phantom Menace" September 8, 1999
267 - 10.02 "Let's Eat Cake" September 15, 1999
268 - 10.03 "You Better Work" September 22, 1999
269 - 10.04 "A Fine Mess" September 29, 1999
270 - 10.05 "The Loo-Ouch" October 20, 1999
271 - 10.06 "80s Night" October 27, 1999
272 - 10.07 "Laying Pipe" November 3, 1999
273 - 10.08 "Baby, You Can Drive My Car" November 10, 1999
274 - 10.09 "Family Tree" November 17, 1999
275 - 10.10 "What's In A Name" November 17, 1999
276 - 10.11 "Sibling Revelry" December 15, 1999
277 - 10.12 "Nine Yolks Whipped Lightly" December 22, 1999
278 - 10.13 "Tainted Love" January 12, 2000
279 - 10.14 "I'm Using You 'Cause I Like You" January 19, 2000
280 - 10.15 "Fertile Ground" January 26, 2000
281 - 10.16 "The Final Proof" February 9, 2000
282 - 10.17 "Doc Martin" February 16, 2000 This is Gina's last episode
283 - 10.18 "Eddie Waitkus" March 1, 2000
284 - 10.19 "I Will Be Your Father Figure" March 8, 2000
285 - 10.20 "Ever Heard The One About The Exploding Father?" March 15, 2000
286 - 10.21 "Spring Fever" March 22, 2000
287 - 10.22 "The Easter Bunny" April 5, 2000
288 - 10.23 "And Don't Forget to Give Me Back My Black T-Shirt" April 19, 2000
289 - 10.24 "Love Is Blind" April 26, 2000
290 - 10.25 "I'm Happy for You...Really" May 10, 2000
291 - 10.26 "The Penultimate" May 17, 2000
292 - 10.27 "Ode to Joy" May 17, 2000